Dusit Davao’s CHEFS ON TOUR elevates Mindanao’s dining scene

Twelve of the country’s best chefs took center stage for the first ever CHEFS ON TOUR with Dusit Thani. It was a fresh & exciting culinary adventure indeed because of the two-day (April 13 & April 14) gastronomic experience in different venues. VIP guests, LGU Officials, corporate partners, valued clients and social media influencers indulged in an array of culinary delights and specials at the Grand Ballroom of DusitD2 Davao.

The summer season was celebrated well in the Dusit Davao properties, ensuring its guests that only unique and delightful experiences would take place. Last April 13, twelve of the country’s best chefs showcased their passion through Chefs on Tour, from an exclusive island paradise to Davao’s ideal choice for urban escape. The event was co-presented by Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation. 

These twelve chefs known for their excellent achievements in the culinary industry, were energetic, passionate and talented in their own crafts and proudly prepared a total of twelve menu for everyone to taste and experience the best cuisine. It was exciting and amusing to witness them in action as they cooked their dishes with innovative fusion of local flavors and contemporary technique that make up the rich tapestry of modern cuisine.

The taste of their dishes ignited our senses and marked an unforgettable dining experience like never before. It was certainly remarkable because of these chefs. The roster of chefs was from LTB Philippines Chefs Association, an organization of culinary enthusiasts that promote Filipino cuisine and talents all over the world

Chef James Anton – Ikomai, Tochi desserts

Chef Tom Bascon – M Dining

Chef Josh Boutwood – Helm, The Test Kitchen, Savage, Ember

Chef Sau Del Rosario – Sawsaw, Cafe Fleur

Chef Carlo Miguel – Cloud Eats

Chef Gilbert Pangilinan – Kai, Cerveseria, The Blue Room, Manila House

Chef Kenneth Cacho – Unilever Food Solutions Philippines

Chef Tatung Sarthou- Lore, Tatung’s,Azadore

Chef Buddy Trinidad – Park Avenue Desserts

Chef J Brando Santos – Unilever Food Solutions Philippines

Chef Piya Suthasiri – Dusit Hotels & Resorts Davao

Chef Jackie Ang Po – Fleur de Lys

The two-day event began with sunset cocktails and curated island experiences at Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort. Guests were treated into the perfect ambiance matched with delectable food and entertainment. The second day was held at the Dusit Thani Grand Ballroom, with hundreds of guests coming together for an exceptional night of gastronomic delights. Both hosted by multi-awarded broadcaster Ces Orena-Drilon, Chefs on Tour were attended by government and corporate partners, the consular core, national and local celebrities and media, influencers, and culinary enthusiasts from different parts of the country. 

“Chefs on Tour is a culinary experience like no other, and we are proud that Dusit Davao has made it happen. We are honored to be in the presence of world-renowned Chefs sharing their expertise and passion, which shall all translate on tonight’s menu,”General Manager Christoph Kuch says.

Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation CEO Tomas Lorenzo delivers his message as well, sharing, “We wanted to create this event because we at Dusit Davao do things out of the box. We do interesting events that would really change the landscape of dining, of entertainment.” 

For future events or reservations, you may reach them at +63 977 118 8189 / +63 (82) 272 7500 / +63 (82) 322 7000. You may also e-mail at davao@dusit.com.

2 thoughts on “Dusit Davao’s CHEFS ON TOUR elevates Mindanao’s dining scene

    1. It was really a successful one. Honestly, I think the most popular dishes were Chef Piya’s Smoked Quail, Chef Gilbert’s Aklan Oyster, Chef J Brando’s Biria Taco and Chef Jackie’s Apple Religieuse. I can’t choose just one because they were all good.


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