The Wine Barrel Resort

We had an exquisite feast and very memorable visit last, January 29,2022 , to this amazing place called “Wine Barrel Resort” at Sitio Kabalansihan, Sinuda, Kitaotao Bukidnon.

The event was indeed a GASTRONOMIC PARTY!

There was a grand buffet with popular signature dishes, cheese curation, wine pairings and fresh fruits. They had very important guests, an international chef and the lovely couple who are into making different types of goat cheese and also owned a farm in the country.

We watched Chef Steve Pollard and Ms. Christina Mckay of the Noble Goat Ph as they showcased their expertise and shared it to us as we tasted their food afterwards.

Their signature Lechon Baka was one of my fayv that I kept coming back for more. Their sauce made it even more delicious no wonder it is their star of the grand buffet. And of course, it is relaxing especially if you listen to love songs played by a band named HIGH TUNED BAND. We definitely had a good view from where we were seated as we looked into our sorroundings and feel the fresh air around us.

Last Sunday, our day tour at the Wine Barrel Resort was fun, interesting and exhausting but in a good way 😁 We went to their villas designed with lavish style that represents Victorian era. Rooms were a mix of historical styles and characterized by interiors that revive architecture from medieval influences.

We went from one room to another and while taking pictures, I would say they are little bit romantic, warm and dramatic. There were huge furnitures and lots of ornate decors. The rooms looked overwhelming covered with deep shades of black, blue, red, maroon, brown, green and a lot more. Overall, they all looked elegant.

Some of the Villas they have were : Villa de McKinley, Villa de Venice and interesting cabins shaped-like barrels with a spacious breakfast lounge on the upper floor that will leave you feeling like you are in a movie called “Emily in Paris”☺️🥰

Check their fb page for more details

If you want to check the resort or make reservations contact #09175858584





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