Ozonmed Wellness Clinic

The First center in Mindanao opened last January 5, 2022 at the Ground floor, Salvacion Building, General Luna St., named as “OzonMed Wellness Clinic.”. The owner, Dr. Roasario M. Barrales, M.D., FPAAS, MHA, Cosmetic Surgeon and Integrative Medical Doctor, was a cancer survivor. She told us briefly her very inspiring story and that she didn’t want to go chemo but instead went to the US for this ozone therapy treatment. After her recovery, she then decided to open branches in the Philippines.

Treatment sessions are also for other illnesses such as diabetes, kidney, arthritis, etc. It’s integrative with other medical treatments if currently on medication, and hastens recovery and wellness, and it’s the patients who choose their own medical treatments/session. Ozone therapy started in Germany and they give affordable rates per session and discounts on PWD.

Not everyone knows what this therapy is all about and what benefits it can give to the individual.

What is Medical Ozone Therapy? This is a Medical Ozone Therapy that uses a medical grade oxygen (99.99% pure oxygen), takes this oxygen (O2) coming in pass through the ozone generator, and transformed there 2 molecules of Oxygen into 3 molecules of Oxygen into 3 molecules to form OF( triplet oxygen).

It is these O3 molecules when introduce into physiology its inheritent instability ( energized) that does the curative response in the body.

Medical Ozone Therapy is a non-invasive treatment with no known bad side effects in diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, hepatitis and other inflammatory diseases with anti-aging effects. This therapy manages severe pain from cancer and treats a multitude of degenerative disorders in the heart, Liver, kidney, and other organ systems. Studies show that medical Ozone therapy kills cancer cells at any stage. Pathway to healthy lifestyle and Longevity.

Owner and Cancer Overcomer Dr. Roasario M. Barrales, M.D., FPAAS, MHA, Cosmetic Surgeon and Integrative Medical Doctor. 15 years cancer overcomer, chose to use the method of treatment of Medical Ozone Therapy instead of the traditional treatment. She was able to surpass the struggle of her breast cancer. Now that she also is one of the many living testimony that Medical Ozone Therapy is effective. She is now sharing it to the Filipino people to have their option to choose what kind of treatment they want.

Beneficial Effects Of Medical Ozone- superoxigenation

1. Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungal, protozoa, parasites, and cancer cells.

2. Cleaning arteries, veins, and capillaries thus improving circulation.

3. Activates the immune system and speed healing.

4. Purifying the blood and the lymph.

5. Oxidizing toxin hormone and facilitating their secretion.

6. Normalizing hormone and enzyme production.

7. Reducing inflammation.

8. Reducing pains and calming the nerves.

9. Stoppage of bleeding.

10. Preventing shock.

11. Preventing stroke damage

12. Reduction of cardiac arrhythmia.

13. Improving brain function and memory.

14. Scavenging free radicals.

15. Chelating heavy metal( works well in conjunction with EDTA)

16. Activates the production of protective cell enzyme.

17. Dissolution of malignant tumor.

18. Therapy for cancer, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, pain and other degenerative diseases.

Services Offered:

* Medical Ozone Tx(AHT) For Cancer and Degenerative Diseases (HPN, DM, Arthritis etc.)

* Provolone Therapy

*Insufflation Therapy

– Ear Insufflation

– Rectal Insufflation

– Vaginal Insufflation

– Uretral Insufflation

* OzonMed Wellness Recovery Pod

Anti-Aging Program

*Healthy Lifestyle Program

*Healthy Weight Loss Program

*Natural Detoxification

Aesthetic Cancer Care

Overcomer Program

For consultation schedule, please call:

+63 966 175 7974

Check out their fb page for more details or testimonies from those who have tried it – https://www.facebook.com/OzonMedDavao

Photo credit to Prime Mom



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