Marinatuna Rogen Inn – Home of the best Tuna and Seafood

Aside from being known for its seafood specialties, Marina Tuna is also serving the famed 10 ways of tuna dishes. It is a must try. Why? The quality of the food is good and these are all cooked fresh and very flavorful. It will be prepared quickly as soon as you order, cooked from the kitchen and served hot and fresh on your table for you to enjoy. Both meat and vegetable lovers would really love their delectable dishes.

Their 10 ways of serving tuna are:

1. Tuna kinilaw

2. Sinigang tuna

3.Crispy buntot

4. Adobong bagaybay

5. Adobong Tendon/sizzling Tendon

6. Kare-kare

7. Adobong Bihod

8.Tuna Panga

9. Tuna belly

10.Tuna Sashimi

Mr. Wesley Bangayan, owner, said, ” With Marinatuna serving buffet breakfast for Rogen Inn”s guests, it operates the longest dining hours among the restaurants in the compound.”

Other menu includes:

This is what makes the restaurant unique and sought after by guests. Aside from their popular dishes, they also added some more during breakfast like eggs, sausages, corned beef, breads, rice, kakanin, fresh fruits and coffee

So what will the guests expect? They will expect buffet lunch served every Friday and Saturday for only P549.

Guests do not have to go that far to eat delicious and fresh foods but with just few steps away from Rogen Inn, they can already eat at Marinatuna whenever they want.

They also have two function rooms where you can exclusively celebrate during birthdays or any special occasion.

Marinatuna Rogen Inn is conveniently located at the corner of Mt. Apo corner Lopez Jaena Streets, Davao City






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