Spending my birthday in the most special way possible

I celebrated my 47TH birthday last September 29, 2022 but I spent it with my sister and a close friend.  We had lunch together and coffee afterwards at a shop nearby our house.  Then went home to check on my social media accounts to thank those who have greeted me on my birthday.  Overall, I had a great day despite simply celebrating it with my family in the house. 

Then I decided to spend my time with my daughters, Apple and Princess at Park Inn Hotel.  We were booked for a night at the 3rd floor level last October 1, 2022.  I chose Saturday because I have no work and I can fully spend my time with my daughters.  The celebration still goes on and it was just us but we enjoyed spending our time together relaxing at the pool and inside our room.

Both my daughters liked the pool because aside from their love for swimming, the hotel offers a large and clean pool suited for fun and exercise which is located at the second floor area.  It’s super comfy to swim creating an atmosphere that families can bond. There is also a lifeguard watching over my children and I feel safe knowing that.

We checked in the afternoon and went directly to their pool.  The girls had so much fun while I took pictures of them.  We had some yummy snacks we enjoyed munching while chatting at the same time.  The surprising part was when the birthday cake brought by one of their accommodating staff, Ralph gave it to me.

We were given a good room on the 3rd floor which we instantly liked.  It is tidy and spacious with free wifi access and other complete amenities.  What more could we ask for?

Since the hotel is just a walking distance to SM Lanang, we had a chance to visit our favorite stores inside the mall and check with some of their new products.  As expected, there were a lot of people since it was weekend.  When we got back to the hotel, we brought some snacks and drinks.

We got up early the next day because my two daughters planned to swim again and headed directly towards the pool area on the second floor.  I grabbed the opportunity to relax at the hotel since I will be busy again at work.  This was indeed a great weekend for me to spend time with my girls and enjoy my me time. It was priceless.

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