Spending my time with my daughters, Apple and Princess at Seda Hotel was worth it.  My daughter just celebrated her birthday last Sept. 10, 2022 and she already turned 14.  I decided to have an intimate celebration with my family at Seda Hotel and booked a room for one night.  My youngest daughter loves to swim in their pool because it is safe and luxurious not to mention the presence of a lifeguard who assists and watch over the guests. 

We arrived in the afternoon on the very day of my daughter’s birthday and waited for our room to be prepared since we came their earlier than the expected time.  Everyone felt very excited because it has been a long time since our last stay at Seda Hotel. 

After we checked in, my daughters decided to swim for the rest of the afternoon while waiting for their cousin, Kamy to arrive along with my sister.  The room provided to us was spacious, clean and most of all, smells good.  It has also a free internet access.  

I surprised my daughter by simply decorating the wall of our bed with a back drop “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” while they were swimming in the pool. 

They had fun swimming in the pool with other guests around.  I took pictures while they were playing around to serve as a remembrance of their stay at Seda Hotel. 

The good thing about staying at Seda Hotel is you can just walk for few minutes to reach the Abreeza Mall.  That was a Saturday so we expected a lot of people inside the mall.  We didn’t stay for long and we just bought some food and drinks.  And besides, we also wanted to have more time to relax inside our hotel room. 

The hotel also surprised my daughter with a birthday cake brought by their staff who sang a short song for her.  It was such a beautiful cake that we delightfully ate and shared.

We had a good sleep at night and when I woke up, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after a week’s busy schedule. I was well rested.

Princess and Apple were both excited to have our breakfast the next day at Misto, their award winning resto that serves Filipino, Asian and Western Cuisines.  It has been recognized in Philippine Tatler Dining’s Best Restaurants Guide that features the best restaurants, bars and dining for its highly affluent and cosmopolitan reader.

The next day, we got up early and headed for buffet breakfast at Misto.  As expected, we enjoyed every food prepared with a wide selection of local and international dishes.  It is hard to refrain oneself from not choosing everything and putting them all on your plate.  The eggs, bacon and tocino were the most favorite of my children. 

Having stayed overnight at Seda Hotel truly made my youngest daughter happy.  My family and I are super grateful to the management and staff who made our stay worthwhile. It meant a lot to me because it’s my daughter’s special day.


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