When I was in college, I didn’t have any problem with my face.  I only wash it with soap then I put on light make up.  I do not use heavy make up because I want to look naturally.  Then when I graduated and went to work, I used mild beauty products with no harsh ingredients that can harm my skin.  I have white complexion and if ever I will have pimples on my face, they seemed visible.  

          I have tried a lot of popular beauty products but felt lazy to use them especially if there are a lot of steps to do. However, some were not that effective.  Thus, I normally wash my face and apply toner and put on moisturizer on my skin before I go to bed.

          When I reached the age of forty, I realized that my skin became oily.  I didn’t have any problem with that.   However, as time goes by especially when pandemic came,  I noticed that my face grew pimples particulary my right cheek and forehead.  I became worried because I am not used to it.  I think the reason for this is the prolong use of mask not to mention wearing it everyday as I go out especially at work.  Then my face became dry which makes it more unattractive to look at.  I need to moisture my skin and retain it as I am not getting any younger.

          Good thing that my sister Jojie Alcantara invited me and another dear friend of ours, Chiqui Aportadera to a free skin treatment at Elle Spa and Unisex Salon located in Bajada.  I was not sure if it will work for me because I have tried beauty products but they didn’t last.  So I told myself there is nothing to lose.  I was also curious because I saw the effects of the products to my sister’s face.

We were introduced to the owner, Ma’am Elsie Bernas.  She was very humble and pretty.  I was looking at her face and amazed at how she maintained her beautiful skin at her age.  Her skin does not look dry but it’s smooth and radiant.  Then she showed us the beauty products she used. 

          Olidani beauty products are made from Japan.  It’s natural and organic that ‘s why it is safe to use.  We had a short session to know how effective the products are instantly.

          Each of us were given different types of products based on our skin type.  As I have mentioned earlier, my skin became dry.

          First, I washed my face with CARNELIAN soap (Orange).  It smelled sweet and good.  I used my fingertips to apply the soap and spread it over my face in a circular motion.  Then wash it after few minutes.  After I patted my face with a dry towel, I felt my skin soften.


          Second, I applied the toner.  I sprayed it all around my face.  Then waited for few minutes. I felt refreshed. 

          Third, I dropped an amount of face serum just enough to cover my face then spread it using my fingertips.  This face serum (BLOSSOM) is for dry skin like mine.  After using it,  my skin felt less dry.

          Fourth, I applied the Face butter evenly on my face.

  It smelled so good too because of its fresh ground coffee beans and goat milk.

          Ms. Elsie assisted us during our session along with her staff who were very kind enough to give us what we need. 

          I had a good feeling about these products because I did not feel any itchiness after applying but instead, I felt fresh and clean.  I touched my face and it smoothened.

          It has been a week now since I had applied the Olidani products and I noticed the changes on my skin.  The pimples dried up easily and my face became clearer and radiant too.  I do not have to wear foundation but a simple powder will do and paired it with my red lipstick.  My skin does not look dry anymore and that’s what I am happy about.

          Now, I felt confident as ever as I go to work.  I think these beauty products will be a big hit in Davao City because it is effective. 

          While it’s true that it is difficult to find that perfect beauty product to match your skin type, but for me I have now found what is best for my skin.  I  believe in the magical effects of Olidani’s face products because I am now a proud user of it.

Maintaining a good skin is important for us women because it gives us confidence as we grow older.  For me, it is important to make our skin glow.  And as a career woman,  I have to keep up with the times and make sure that my skin will still look best even at the busiest day of the week.    The more reason that I should invest in taking care of my face. 

Olidani products contain pure organic ingredients that will surely benefit the skin for having more antioxidants and vitamins.

Here are some facts about Olidani products:

Face Blossom Serum

Intensive Face Care for dry skin. It tightens, rejuvinates and whitens the face for a radiant and younger looking skin.

Face Mask

Gently cleanse, reduce blemishes and help minimize signs of aging and soothe the inflammation due to acne and eczema.

Facial Scrub

Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and moisturized.

Facial toner

Removes dirt and impurities on your face and tightens the pores for a healthy loooking skin,

Whitening Glow Pack

Helps fade your blemishes and bring back that natural glow in your face. Effective for face and body whitening.

OLIDANI company is licensed and approved by the Japanese Government based in Saitamaken, Japan. Their advocacy is to promote the magnificent benefits of an Organic Skin Care product that will be safe to use.

Visit their fb page : OLIDANI PH


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