Sky Fiber’s succesful media launch last March 4, 2022 talked about how it helped tiktok sensations, Davao Conyo and Yumi achieved their success online. They shared how an internet plan made it better for their career to boom throughout the years.

Sky Fiber recently launched Super Speed Plans that catered to the daily lives of internet user’s based on the best offer it can give : affordability, speed and connectivity.

Subscribers will no longer be having difficulty in choosing between an expensive high spped plans and unreliable cost plans.

One of Sky fiber”s best value plans is the 50 mbps which can support work from home, online classes, family activities online and a lot more.

There are a lot of super speed plans made affordable for internet users and new subscribers of these plans from todat until April 30 can switch to fiber and can get free or lower installation fees.

Definitely a good news to everyone who are looking for a swak internet plan that only fiber can offer.

This is why both Phillip and Yumi also emphasized that an internet plan suited their lifestyle which is vital to their career and daily life.

James Dumlao, SKY’s head of Consumer Product, Programming, and Airtime Group, said during the event, “The internet has weaved itself into our daily lives. Hence, a good quality internet connection has become a necessity. ’Internet is life’ as many would say. Because of this, we at SKY Fiber have committed to continuously deliver better products and services for the markets that we serve.”

According to SKY’s head of Consumer Broadband Alan Supnet, one of SKY Fiber’s best value plans is the 50Mbps Plan which can easily support work-from-home, online class, and casual streaming activities of a family with three to four members. For a monthly fee of just P1,699/month, subscribers also get two free WiFi Mesh devices for better WiFi coverage in the house.

A wide array of Super Speed Plans with affordable prices is available for any lifestyle. Light internet users who are budget-conscious can opt for the most affordable Unli Broadband Plans of up to 20Mbps (P999/month) and the basic Plan 30 Mbps (P1,299/month). On the other hand, moderate to heavy internet users or households with more members can choose from the higher speed but inexpensive plans of 100Mbps (P2,299/month), 150Mbps (P2,799/month), and 200Mbps (P3,499/month).

Subscribers of these new plans from today until April 30 can easily switch to SKY Fiber and take advantage of the free or lowered installation fee promo. Select plans are also given additional boosted speeds of up to 50% until the end of April for free so that subscribers can have a levelled-up experience without added cost to their monthly fee.

Grateful for this perk me up goodie box with pastries, cookies and locally produced coffee that brightened up my day!

SKY Fiber is available for residents in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Baguio, Cebu, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Iloilo, Davao, GenSan, and Zamboanga. To know more about these affordable fiber-fast offerings, visit



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