Farmhouse Cocina’s healthy tray delicacies & gourmet food that you’ll enjoy

Farmhouse Cocina has been known for its healthy ways in preparing their delicious food. From farm to your table, they assure their customers of the freshest ingredients when it comes to the herbs and spices. They use olive oil, safron, rosemary thyme so as to enhance the flavors. They almost do everything from scratch.


Bulad or tuyo has always been my favorite since I was young. Who wouldn’t? Anybody could relate to it. It is a common filipino dish known as daing or tuyo in other dialects.

Just like this product called “BULAD” flakes which came from the idea of gourmet tuyo, made from Lapu-lapu (special fish) in olive oil mixed with good choice of spices that perfectly combined altogether producing a good quality. The owners made sure that consumers will not only enjoy, feel satisfied but become addictive to it.

Yes, I love this Gourmet Bulad from Farmhouse Cocina with such a nice packaging that you do not want to throw the jar afterwards. Affordable and delicious, it will satisfy your lunch or dinner. You will agree with me once you try it. But be aware that you will need a lot of extra rice once you serve this!


Introducing Cochinillo from #FarmhouseCocina with Patatas Bravas and Calabaza Asada to go with. You can dip it with four types of sauce:

– Roasted Garlic Aioli / Suka’t Sili / Gravy / Liver Sauce

Calabasa Azada

Patatas Bravas

Crispy, moist and tender meaty inside that’s very soft that you can easily slice it with a plate. Look just how tender it is and the bones can fall off easily. The herbs and spices used are made fresh and with no preservatives added to it. This is good for the whole family.

Seafood Paella

Who wouldn’t love their Seafood Paella, classic Spanish rice dish made with rice, saffron, vegetables, a lot of seafood rice, and served in one pan. This is always perfect during special occasion. They used the ingredients carefully as flavors of the seafood takes over while the rice absorbs it and finally giving it a specific taste.

photo credit to Farmhouse Cocina’s fb page

They also have their Lapu-lapu stew and Roast Native Chicken which are also very delicious and good for family gatherings.

All these are healthy, delicious and appetizing dishes that can be best served during family gatherings.

They deliver within Davao City with minimum fee. Call us at 0917-314-8503 or Chat via Messenger.


photocredit to Farmhouse Cocina’s fb page

Kindly visit their fb page- Farmhouse Cocina.


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