Festive Eats at Dusit Thani’s Madayaw Cafe – A Kadayawan treat to Dabawenyos

Dusit Thani’s Madayaw Cafe launched “Festive Eats at Dusit” for Kadayawan Festival.

Chef Alex Destriza (Executive Chef) heartily prepared different flavors of dishes for Kadayawan while retaining the cultural significance of each dish including the mouthwatering desserts inspired from Davao Major tribes.

Ms. Faith Dimaano ( Asst. Marketing & Communications Manager )

Mr. Christopher Kutch (Hotel Manager)

Grateful to Mr. Christopher Kutch , Hotel Manager and Ms. Ariesha Faith Dimaano, Asst. Marketing & Communications Manager for having us.

Executive Chef Alex Destriza

The buffet includes:*

Tyula Itum (black soup seasoned with burnt coconut the Tausug tribe) / Linotlot nga Nonno (shrimp cooked in bamboo from Bagobo Tagabawa and Giangan/Clatta tribe) / Piyanggang Manuk (chicken in blackened coconut paste from Tausug tribe) / Piyassak (cow liver with spices and burnt coconut from Tausug tribe) / Landang (beef stew in coconut milk – Maranao tribes’s version of the Indonesian Rendang).

Sinagupan (yellow rice)

Linutlot nga baki (farmed frogs cooked in bamboo from Ovu Manuvo tribe) / Piaparan a bakas (tuna cooked in coconut milk, turmeric and palapa from Maranao tribe) / Kagikit (fish and chicken flakes usually used as topping for pastil from Maranao tribe) / Palapa (caramelized shallots or “sakurab”, ginger and chili peppers from Maranao tribe) / Piyalam (steamed fish in turmeric from Tausug tribe)

a very delicious appetizer

Various tribal delicacies and desserts, such as Wadjet Makadurian (durian rice cake from the Sama tribe), Palikambing (or Tibobol – fried banana ball from the Tausug tribe), Daral (crêpe-like delicacy filled with sweetened coconut meat from the Tausug tribe), and durian fritters, are also available in the buffet.

Various delicacies
Durian ensaymada

Ube Cheeses Desal


Celebrate Kadayawan at Dusit Thani and have a feast on the local flavors served up for their guests which will bound to perk up your appetite.

Dinner buffet is available on August 19 to August 21, 2021 while Kadayawan brunch will be on August 15, 2021.

Make your reservations and call up (082) 272-7500.

Happy Kadayawan!!!





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