Be sure to be Crowned by John Salon

How do you style your hair properly? In my case, I really do not know how to style my hair. I am a working mom and I do not have time to fix my hair the way I want it to be. I end up tying my hair even if it is still wet because I need to hurry up and go to work. I usually envy some women who still look dashing with their hair. I love those who have long, straight hair. Who wouldn’t? Their long, shiny hair makes them attractive. I want to always look like that because no matter what happens, you still have that confidence in you.

My new balayage hairstyle

I often thought, is it possible that someone can do it for me? Someone can style my hair every morning before I go to work? How good is that? But it is not possible at all. So that became the reason why I go to a Salon that I can trust with my hair. It is not just a Salon but one that you can feel comfortable when dealing with their staff or Hair Stylist. They are attentive to their clients’ needs and make sure that they feel understood.

I found that Salon I have been looking for, it is Crowned by John Salon. It is my second time actually and everytime I go there and have my hair treated, there is always complete satisfaction. My hairstyle looks fabulous!

Do something different with your hair because it symbolizes our feminity and personality. As for me, a woman’s hair is her crown and it will make a lot of difference if she treats it with proper care. At my age, I want to try something new…..something different.

When I set my foot in the Salon, I did not feel worried about what kind of treatment I should have. Their hair stylist, Jeffrey Cans was open to his clients needs and understood what they want to do with their hair. He was open to suggestions and would likely add up his positive feedback to make the client feel comfortable. There is an open and honest communication between him and his clients. That was my experience with him.

The Salon was spacious and clean. It was not difficult to locate it. My companion, Chiqui and I were more than excited about the results of our hair because we know this will definitely make us happy and proud.

Crowned by John Salon made it come true after few hours of taking care of my hair. Overall, I felt happy, more confident and satisfied with the way I look (Balayage and Rebond treatment – Ash blonde with a touch of pink). Thank you Jeffrey Cans Balayage (Hair stylist) of Crowned by John Salon for making my crown look beautiful.

Crowned by John offers discounts this month for the following hair treatments:


Visit the salon at Door 4 W&H Bldg., Mc Arthur Highway, Davao City. (Landmark: beside Goodyear car shop, fronting Pidoks and DCWD)

For appointment, kindly contact: 09338589530 or pm directly!

√highly recommended

√good customer service

√good quality service and affordable

√friendly staff






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