The Red Barn: a place to seek solace and gratitude

How are you doing these past few days or weeks? What has this pandemic brought into your life right now? What are you doing about it?

These are few of the questions you should evaluate on yourself. How you cope up with the crisis and made it through. We are still blessed indeed for making this far.

In life, we can still do the things we think we can’t and explore the possibilities. Whether or not life has been cruel, you should learn to live with it.

There were a lot of things going on in my life since pandemic started last year. We were not all prepared for this. But sooner or later, I know we have to go through with it and live by it.

Eat, sleep and play. Those were exactly the right words to describe our stay at the Red Barn Davao situated at Eden, Toril District. We were warmly welcomed by the staff as we arrived. We were in awe as we entered this farm for the very first time. It was beyond what we expected. It was like we were brought into a different country.

At dinner, we cooked Samgyupsal and spicy Ramen outside which was perfect during a cold night. It rained for a while but later on, a bonfire has been set up while I prepared coffee for the three of us. I suddenly remembered our campfire nights in high school. We ended the night with some korean snacks we bought from the supermarket then had long hours of chikahan until midnight.

The house was very clean and comfy. I even love reading the framed motivational quotes posted on the walls. It was just right for the three of us because It brings that homey feeling that it seemed impossible to think of going home. We couldn’t be any happier!

We toured around the place and had some freshly picked greens from the farm so we can have our salad in the morning. We brought some food both for our dinner and breakfast. We preferred to cook our own breakfast but you can also ask their staff to cook it for you. They have a very accomodating staff and are trained to take care of the farm and everything sorrounding it.

We really had a good night sleep and as soon as we woke up we were just as energetic as yesterday even we only got few hours of sleep. We went for the pond and the rabbits’ habitat (Rabitton). They also have a place where you can have see-saw and use the trampoline. The farm was really huge and beautiful that you can feel the calmness that goes with it.

I feel blessed that time for having an opportunity to stay overnight and being in the company of people whom I loved to be with, my elder sister, Jojie Alcantara and our dear friend, Chiqui Aportadera. I have always wanted to visit a farm like this because I become in tune with nature. I believe that being in nature, reduces my anger and stress and convert them to happiness.

We took a lot of pictures the day we left and had been very satisfied about it. It was just overnight but it seemed so worth it. We just had a perfect recollection and we needed it. I can honestly say that while we were there, I did not think about my worries because we were all engrossed with our sorroundings. The fresh air, the beautiful garden, the fresh greens, etc. These gave us a relaxing effect in both our minds and body.

We headed home the next day but we wound have wanted to stay for a while. It was a good feeling that we had decided an R&R for a day.

So whenever you get a chance to travel outdoors and experience nature, grab it and enjoy a more positive version of YOU.

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