Unleash your child’s hidden creativity through Globalart Davao

It has always been an exciting and memorable Acrylic painting session for my daughter, Nicole which she only experienced in Globalart Davao. It has been a second time for her last Febraury 20, 2021 at 10:30 am wherein she joined the online learning class Junior – Project 1 and painted a “Back Alley Night” in their template using the Acrylic paints. After more than an hour of fun and creative painting session, the finished piece of art was something to be very proud of. It served as their own masterpiece.

The teacher herself was really into teaching her students , motivating them to do it on their own but at the same time guding them on how to do it. She sees to it that everyone is catching up and no one will be left behind during her online class session. She explained detail by detail how each paint brush should be used. That is a good thing for this kind of a learning atmosphere especially when it is an online class.

The painting of the Back Night Alley in their canvass looked pale at first but after the children painted it , the picture became alive. The painting became a reality. I was proud watching my daughter do it. Surprisingly, she was also amazed by herself because she had done it well. The teacher also praised them one by one after the class.

The output was very beautiful and each of the student showed it proudly and with undeniable satisfaction. Encouraging my daughter to join their online session was the right decision for me because I observed that my child became more confident of herself to explore and experiment while doing the activity. It help developed her visual receptive and motor skills. I think Globalart Davao has always been very true to their heartfelt mission for over 22 years and still counting.

The first time that my daughter joined their online class was last February 13, 2021 in time to celebrate Valentines day thus they called it “ART OF LOVE”. She was one of their students during a heart filled activity participated by children ages 5 and above. There were 2 batches and my daughter belonged to the second batch which was scheduled in the afternoon, 4:30 p.m.They had fun and laughter during the art session because the teacher was patient enough to show them how to paint a wooden picture frame using the different colors of acrylic paint with the corresponding size of the correct paintbrush to be used. They had to show each of their artwork and it was something for them to be proud of.

Overall, there was an active interaction between the teacher and the participants. I was beside my daughter watching and guiding her too but I enjoyed the wholetime because not only did I get to bond with her but we spent time doing what she loved to do.

Globalart Davao is one of the best art school in the city, having 22 years of experience in providing the best environment when it comes to learning art and creativity. I can certainly vouch for that!

If you were to ask me why I recommend Globalart Davao for your children who loves painting or drawing? It is because they see to it that they can unleash your child’s potential and be creative in her own way possible. I have always been enthusiastic about enrolling my child into an art class because I know she is good at it. And a good opportunity for me came when I was introduced to Globalart Davao Art School by my good friend, Sunshine Magdangal Uyking, who had also enrolled her daughter since last summer.

For inquiries, visit their fb page @globalartdavao . They always have exciting activities in store for you.

You can also visit their office at 301 E Teodoro Palma Gil St, Bo. Obrero, Davao City,



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