Popperps & Wenks

“Popperps & Wenks” – What a catchy and unique name for a food business right? It gives a good first impression just by hearing its name.

The owners started their business since 2019. They made their signature sauce which is the buffalo sauce and proudly came up with their best selling food in their menu, “buffalo wings”. This inspired them to join food bazaar whenever they can. And due to pandemic, they did not rent a physical store but for the meantime they have their own kitchen in Lanang so they can accomodate their customers. Since then they accept take out deliveries.

Their buffalo wings are evenly coated with the sauce making it sweet and sour at the same time but with a spicy twist. I love buffalo wings especially if it is served hot. I certainly like to eat this using my bare hands because I can more likely taste the meat and the sauce perfectly combined. Sounds awesome right?

My personal favorite is the chicken skin. Ever since I was young, I love eating it. Why? Because it is crunchy and taste delicious especially when you dip it into a special sauce. Vinegar or catsup is fine with me.

Popperps and Wenks offers their tasty chicken skin that makes crackling sound once you take the first bite.

What is on their menu:

Chicken Wings Platter Flavors: Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan and Barbecue

Rice Meals :√Chili Cheese Bowl√Chicken poppers√Chicken wings

Open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm ( Mondays to Sundays)

Visit their fb page Popperps Wenks Instagram: popperpsandwenksText/Call 0915-686-0624

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