Addictea – Your cup of Happiness

Are you addictive to Milk tea? Well, it is the trend nowadays especially for young people on the go. They enjoy drinking it as much as adults do because of its rich taste when milk and tea are combined.

Davao City has a lot of milk tea shops but of course, we would like to find that shop that suits our taste. And I discovered this tea shop that offers it. The name itself describes how everyone feels once they taste it. They surely crave for more.

Addictea Davao is an offshoot of Addictea Phils. which originated from Iloilo owned by two young entrepreneurs. Addictea Davao Franchise owners saw the potential for this kind of business and believed it to be very competitive and better than those other popular internationa milkteal brands.

We all know that Milktea shops in our City are growing really fast but this did not discourage the owners from opening more branches because they believe that Addictea has a lot more to offer. It is not only made affordable but has been using top quality ingredients to produce a unique but refreshing taste that will leave a mark in the distinct Dabawenyo taste.Nothing compares to the flavor that Addictea Davao products offer. I love its rich taste when paired with the chewy and soft boba, both being combined turned out to be more delicious.

Their Siomai is also flavorful and meaty. Absolutely perfect for merienda!

The flavors I tried are :

☆Double oreo hokkaido ( M) ;Wintermelon cheesecake( M) ;Taro freshmilk ;Yakult lemon ( M) ;Strawberry shortcake (M) ;Green apple fruit tea (M).

There are a lot more milk tea flavors in their menu that you can choose! All creamy and refreshing! No wonder Dabawenyos found it to be very addictive especially teenagers who love to explore the different flavors. Having said that, I am sure you will all agree to me once you tried their milk tea and other products they offer.

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Visit their locations:

– Diamond St., Morales Village, Matina (main)

– 17 New Burgos St., Barrio Obrero

– Piattos Bldg. , Diamond Road (cart)

For orders, contact nos. 322-4551/0927-668-5202/0966-753-5586#


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