Rokko’s barbecue is the best barbecue in town

This is a must try Native Chicken and pork barbecue from #Rokkos Bbq.

The barbecue business opened just this month but it boomed and became the talk of the town ever since. Raymund, as friends call him, owner and a biker himself, named his barbecue business after his 7 year old son, Rocco Villafuerte Pascual, his pride and joy.

He never expected that his love for barbecue would go this far and become a business he never imagined it to have. He might be inspired to open this due to pandemic but he was encouraged more by his family and his closest friends whom he treasured the most.

It started out as a “pulutan” with his group of friends and even included this as a menu during special occasion esp. family gatherings. So when friends or visitors came for a visit, he proudly served his “pork barbecue” to them. That’s how his delicious pork barbecue was sought after and the rest is history.

Due to the high demand for his barbecue, he now sells either cooked or frozen pork and native chicken barbecue for those who really love to eat it daily or weekly.

I tasted the barbecue and I just can’t stop eating it with or without the rice. The sauce is sweet and the meat is tender. He said that he is really very particular with the quality of his meat that is why he chose his own supplier carefully.

This is really perfect for family gatherings or any special occasion. Dabawenyos really love barbecue and we can see it just about everywhere. But Rokko’s barbecue really caught my attention because it was the taste that I certainly like!

One good thing about this business is the humble owner, Raymund, would rather cook it because he wanted to maintain the quality of his barbecue using his own signature sauce. But if you order the frozen barbecue, he will gladly give you some helpful tips on how to cook it and not burn it. No wonder his barbecue business became an instant hit.

When asked if he has anything more to add up to his barbecue business, he said he would like to concentrate on this one solely for now because he already has his hands full. He was planning to include grilled chorizo but in the future. Why not? That’s one thing we will look out for!

Rokko’s barbecue is conveniently located at 5th street, Ecoland Phase 1. For reservations, you can call #284-4117/0925862821.

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