Chick Loaf – The only meatloaf made from real chicken

I love to effortlessly prepare a breakfast for me and my daughter. There are instances that I have to hurry up before I go to work because I also need to prepare my daughter’s breakfast. Being a working mom is both awesome and challenging.

I like the challenging part because that is what makes my life exciting as a mother. Now, I have to make sure my daughter eats well and feels happy while eating her breakfast, That is the most important meal of the day. And I am happy to know that Suy Foods, known to be a chicken expert, has produced a product which is made from real chicken and blended with real spices. They introduced this into the market and named it “Chick Loaf”.

Chick Loaf

It is so easy to cook and real simple. There is no need for me to rush becasue I can prepare it in few minutes and have a breakfast with my daughter.

You should try Chick Loaf because it is made from real chicken. It taste good because of its tender meaty and perfect texture. Preparing this will give you a healthy and satisfying meal for sure! When you cook it, you can either make it crispier or just the way you want. It really has the right texture that I love in every bite. You can have it with eggs (scrambled or sunny side up) and sliced tomatoes on the side. Then coffee to supercharge my early morning !😊😍😘You can choose two different flavors: Original and spicy.

What makes it even better? These are from Suy Food products who is known to produce quality chicken based food and are Halal-Certified.

If you’ll ask me which flavor do I like better? I like both. How about my daughter? Same thing for her.

Having discovered Chick Loaf is truly a blessing for me because it is a good substitute for pork or fish. There are instances that we need to find something new but delicious to feed our mouths and satisfy our palate. And yes this is what Chick Loaf can offer to us with the quality that you can trust because it is from Suy Foods. These are now available in all supermarkets nationwide.

If you want to know more about these products and a lot more from Suy Foods, please visit their fb page @SuyFoodsPh

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