Remedios’ Saucy Chicken – the Saucy Chicken Ever!

Do you think that any roast or deep fried whole chicken all seemed familiar to our taste buds that you can’t distingusih which ones are the best tasting among the rest? It gets boring.

But ever wonder why chicken is loved by millions? I am one of them and I am very particular with how it should taste like especially when it becomes an important ingredient in any dish.

For one thing, chicken has been considered a healthy option to red meat. It has low saturated fat, high amount of omega-6 fatty acids and higher in protein. A food like chicken that is rich in protein can help reduce the risk of a heart disease.

But hear me out. There is this Saucy Chicken that’s now gaining the interest of many Dabawenyos. Why? Because the sauce simply makes it more delicious. The meat itself is so soft and the sauce lingers on intensifying the flavors of the chicken meat. It is definitely finger licking good! 😍😋

Introducing Remedios’ Saucy Chicken Co. – the Saucy Chicken Ever!

They delivered it to me on time and was surprised by how durable the container is where two saucy chicken were placed filled with a generous amount of sauce. I poured over the sauce once more as I plate it and made my mouth watered at the sight.

One should order a day ahead so they can prepare your “Saucy Chicken” . They also have Sizzling Saucy Barbecue. I asked the one in charge how they cook this tasty chicken and she told me that the process to prepare is different than lechon manok and takes a bit longer. It is definitely not a lechon manok that we are used to.

This coming Christmas, add this to your list of food on the table and I am pretty sure your family will love to feast on it!

You can visit their store at Buhangin Public Market (Exit Area), Tigatto Road, Buhangin. Open from Mondays thru Sundays.

For delivery and pick up – @


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