Ramenikko – Ramen house

Ramen is one of Japan’s most famous food. I guess we all know why because anywhere in the world, Ramen had been the most sought after noodles. And there is no doubt that Japanese restaurants have made this dish as trendy as possible since it is widely considered to be their country’s invention.


We have to thank this vibrant and talented entrepreneur/Chef for bringing this popular “Ramen” to our City, He is none other than the owner and head Chef of Ramenikko, Nico Antonio A. Serafin, He studied culinary at IChef and along the way, he discovered a lot more when it comes to cooking. To him, it is not only sharing art with people but learning different cultures and giving importance to creating new dishes.

His years of experience in the culinary industry paved the way for him to harness his skills as a Chef that made a positive influence on him. Thus, the support and guidance from his wonderful family inspired him to open a Japanese restaurant after he eventually resigned from his job at a cruise ship.

Ramenikko, a Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Davao City, opened last December 30, 2017. It is a family owned restaurant . All the members were involved in making this business become a reality as they all contributed from doing the designs, concepts, marketing niche, managing finances and a lot more because they see this business as a potential.

With an ambiance that creates a traditional Japanese culture, customers will surely love both the place and the cuisine. Upon entering the restaurant, a hand sanitizing station is made available to a customer. There are visible signages so as to remind everyone about the health protocol. Once you get inside, you simply fill out their information slip and sign a logbook.

When walking into Ramenikko, you can immediately sense that homey feeling. Then you can easily set your eyes on the good lightings, table arrangements and attractive designs that can be related to Japanese culture. They even have a function room that can accomodate a family or a small group to intimately celebrate special occasions.

And finally the best part was to eat some of their popular dishes that customers kept coming back for more:


I have eaten the Saburo Butao Ramen. It was my first time and I can’t exactly say the right words to describe how delicious it was. The soup and the noodles combined into one, had a distinctive taste that becomes addicting. All I can say is, it’s a comforting food and certainly bursting with flavors all at the same time.




They also served Fried Veggie Maki, Ebi Tempura and Katsudon. The food presentation becomes more attractive to the eyes because these were all creatively presented right infront of me.



I had a glass of Matcha tea, which is my most favorite, to complete my meal. Then, a creamy Affogato for dessert! This made my day.

Nico Serafin, talked of his experiences in running the restaurant, his dreams and motivations, “Do not be afraid to innovate. Always strive to improve. Remember why you started.”

When asked how he feels about this pandemic, “I do not see others as a competitor for business. I just wish that they will survive as well. I am hoping that we will also have more branches in the future and be known not only in Davao but in other cities too.”

Ramenikko is not that difficult to find. The restaurant has a parking space. It is conveniently located at Tiongko Avenue, Corner V. Mapa Street, Mitaji Building, Davao City.

Visit their fb page @ramenikko

For your orders , take out or delivery service, please call #225-6889.


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