Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine now offers delicious “frozen meals” to give you that comfort food right at your home

Everbody loves a warm and hearty home cooked meal. Who doesnt? However, after a long, tiring day from work, there will be no time to prepare it. So for our very own convenience, ready made or frozen meals such as these can help us do away with time. Why? Because there is only less preparation aside from heating it up.

That;s why Rekado’s “frozen meals” will surely brighten up your mood and satisfy your cravings because they are so delicious and easy to prepare for the whole family. Since it is pandemic, you can cook these meals conveniently in your home in just few minutes. Then Voila! Serve it in a plate and dig in!😍😍😍

You can choose among their popular dishes like :
-Kalderobo -Pork binagoongan -Cocido de Rabo -Kare-Kare




I cooked all of these meals for dinner and everybody seemed very satisfied with the taste. How easy can that be! It is safer to be at home while eating your favorite dishes.

Rekado is one of the best restaurants in town with their promising dishes they were known for. Customers would always love to come back because of their great dining experience. But even if it is pandemic, the management will not be hindered from giving their regular customers comfort in their own homes through delivery service and take out

Visit Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine which is located at Emilio Jacinto Extension, Poblacion. And you may also contact them at (63-82) 224-3031.

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