ARLA spreads the real goodness around especially during this pandemic

What are the products we will look forward to buy and use during the holiday season?

I tried all these products and as a regular consumer, I would highly recommend ARLA products – Organic Full Cream Milk, Organic Powdered Milk Drink, Cheesy Cheddar Spread and All Organic Milk Goodness ( made from 90% to 100% natural fresh cow’s milk and perfect for merienda).

Why is Arla Cheese Spread called “Cheesy Spread?” Because it is almost 90% fresh cow’s milk and that mild and creamy aftertaste lasts in your mouth. It is great for merienda as well. You can either eat it with bread or use it for making your delicious salad. The taste will really satisfy you.

Arla Foods Ingredients would like to maintain it’s main objectives – calcium enrichment, fat reduction and sodium reduction. And with this, they must ensure to deliver high-quality dairy products that their consumers prefer and enjoy.

And as for my youngest daughter, ARLA (Lactose free) Milk Goodness is her new favorite full cream milk. She can finish this up in a day because she loves the taste. She says she wants more 😊😍 It is a good thing that she drinks milk everyday because she is still growing up. At her age, I believe that milk is important for her nutrition and Arla full cream milk can give her more than that.

Visit their fb page @ArlaPH

So during this pandemic, why spread bad vibes when you can spread good vibes just like Arla who is always giving support to those Filipinos who continue to spread goodness around.

Arla Products are available in all leading supermarkets near you.

#SpreadtheGoodness #Arlaproducts

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