Rafioncyl Kitchen’s Lechon Belly roll, Sweet Chili Crabs and Buttered Garlic Shrimps are the best for any special occasion!!!

Lechon Belly Roll

I haven’t tried Lechon Belly Roll as good as this one! It tastes so tender and juicy in the inside and crispy in the outside. Want to know where you can order this lechon belly roll in Davao City? Order it from Rafioncyl Kitchen, food business proudly owned by Mr. Ramon and Mrs. Lucille Erojo Isidro.

I believed that their lechon belly roll is the tastiest in town because they know how to cook using the simplest and freshest herbs and spices stuffed inside and applying the correct method to make it crispy for a long period of time.

Would you believe that even when we ate it few hours later, it was still crispy and the meat is tender and juicy in every bite. Their sauce, what we call “pinakurat” is a perfect combination to dip the skin and meat into it.

My daughter’s 12th birthday

As I am writing this blog, my mouth started watering because I can still imagine and savor the taste of their lechon belly roll. The left over of the belly roll from the other night can still be cooked the next day and we fried it. And much to our surprise, the meat became softer and tastier. How good is that?!

My 45th birthday

Aside from their popular Lechon Belly Roll, they also serve a tray of Sweet Chili Crabs and Buttered Garlic Shrimps. These are seafood dishes that are a must try from Rafioncyl Kitchen.


Sweet Chili Crab is cooked in their sweet and special sauce. The crabs especially the claws are meaty and topped with the thick sauce. It is spicy but it is bearable to eat because the sweet taste is overwhelming.

A tray of Buttered Garlic Shrimps

Buttered Garlic Shrimps combined into one perfect dish make that taste of the shrimps garlicky and buttery. This is suitable to filipino taste and of course, the shrimps became more flavorful when the butter and garlic is combined into it.

These dishes are more delicious when topped over warm rice and that is how you eat it. With the sauce, it is already enough to eat a lot of rice. Can you imagine that?

photo credit to Ms. Jojie Alcantara

But wait! There’s more, if you like to taste all their delicious food, you can also order this Overload Seafood Delight in a mega bilao. A Perfect “handa” for special occasion for your friends and loved ones. It is an overload seafood delight of Sweet Chili Crabs and Buttered Garlic Shrimps plus the highlight “Lechon Belly Roll” placed in the middle! It is good for 12-15 people already.

photo credit to Rafioncyl Kitchen

They offer different packages that will suit your budget while have the best food served during your special occasion.

For more inquiries, check their FB Page or contact 0928 677 5055.

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