AMY and BEC Kitchenette brings Comfort Food Dishes in Davao City

Guys ! I am pretty sure you would love to try the food that “Amy & Bec Kitchenette” is offering to Dabawenyos! Owned by the lovely couple, Tyrone and Rea, who have mutually decided to open their online business since they saw that food delivery service is becoming very popular nowadays.

They planned opening up the business last February 2020 when Tyrone left Manila and stayed in Davao City. Then when ECQ happened due to pandemic they realized that this kind of business must be pushed through.

They named the business after their mother. How did they start? They decided to cook for their friends and families and received positive feedbacks and words of encouragement which inspired them to open this business. It’s more of Filipino comfort food particularly dishes that you can find in Luzon and thus, they want to introduce and bring these to the people of Davao City.

The couple really complement each other since Tyrone does the preparations and cooking while Rea does the marketing. That’s why the online business was not that hard for them to conquer.

Bacon Silog



Kapampangan Sisig

Sushi Bake Kani
Sushi Bake California Maki

What’s on their Menu: Laing, Kapampangan sisig, Dinakdakan. Bacon silog, and Pares. They also have their bestseller solo size Sushi bake with two different flavors : Kani Sushi bake and California Sushi bake ( melts in your mouth ! ) with dried Seaweed to go with it. The ingredients are fresh because these came from their own farm in which they grow their own Pepino and mango. Thus, they came with the idea to include Sushi bake into their menu and believed that Dabawenyos will love the taste. This is also the same with Pares which he wants to introduce in the City.

Their food is not only delicious but affordable as well so you can always eat in the comfort of your own home.

For your orders , text or call 0915-463-9575 or visit their fb page – Amy & Bec Kitchenette or order thru Food Panda. They’re open from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m


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