The Ceremonial Signing – Partnership between Hijo Resources Corporatiom and Development Bank of the Philippines

The Ceremonial Signing – Partnership between Hijo Resources Corporatiom and Development Bank of the Philippines was held last Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at the WREC hall , Hijo Estates, Madaum, Tagum City.

There was a Media prescon via Zoom meeting with President and CEO Ma’am Rosanna Tuason – Fores, who grew the legacy of her father, Mr. Boy Tuason.

Hijo Resources Corporation, under the strong leadership of their CEO, Rosanna Tuason Fores together with her son, Alfonso Tuason Fores (Business Development and Logistics Lead) opened the way to optimize the capacity of production by giving importance to “Transparency, Trust and Equity” that will inspire lives and emancipate Geographically isolated and Disadvantagd Areas (GIDA) in the Davao region.

Friends from the media – Jojie Alcantara, Ace Perez, Ian Garcia and Marilyn Roque, were there to give support and briefly interviewed the Pres and CEO of Hijo Resources Corporation.

During the ceremony, safety protocols were strictly followed like wearing of mask, distribution of hand sanitizers and face shields and applied social distancing.

Here are some of the important things that the CEO, Ms. Rossana Tuason Fores proudly shared during her prescon with the media via Zoom.

“While these times are challenging, we are moving forward, we continue to persevere in God’s will.”

“Nothing has changed because we remained committed to delivering a unique proposition for the world.”

“I think that when we come out of this pandemic, more than ever, we will be in a better position than any other cities in the region.”

“Hijo can’t be alone. We have partnerships. The University of Southeastern Philippines in a very game changing , innovative agricultural direction has just also declared at least prematurely our collaboration with DOST in creating a precision spring approach to change farm practices that are harmful to the environment and health of the community sorrounding the banana plantation.”

” I think the banana industry is now opening it’s eyes to some sort of collaboration with academe so it can move forward especially agricultural industry in general.”

“DBP has been able to sort of advance development in the country which DBP by its name alone should stand for. I believe that DBP is now more than ever, more than relevant to developing innovation, people and companies that have vision. DBP and our relationship since two years ago has been advancing and continue to advance development in the country.”

When being asked about the adjustments or challenges the company had to go through during this pandemic, she readily answered that it brought an introspection on how she thought her father’s legacy and her real mission has changed in a way that allowed her to take a step back, see their faults, see their weaknesses and maybe realized that it is not just about culture but about behavior.

The management of HIJO Resources Corporation decided to focus on their most important projects like renewable energy – HIJO Power & Light, HIJO water, HIJO lands ….. which means that they have decided to take care of the most important at this point – parts that they keep HIJO sustainable.

The Mindanao’s First Premiere Food Hub declared by PEZA was also launched last Tuesday.

I personally believe that with this kind of leadership, HIJO Resources Corporation will really come a long way and succeed in whatever good objectives they may have for the city and the people living within.

I would also like to thank Ms. Girlie M. Alagano ( Lead for Admin Support Services) and Ms. Jojie Alcantara for giving me this opportunity to witness this successful event and great achievement by HIJO Resources Corporation.


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