QUADRATO PIZZA – a square pizza that tastes so good

Pizza is becoming popular nowadays. This is true. That is why many people are creating more flavors of pizza depending on what ingredients they prefer to have. And the secret to a good pizza is not just in the crust, but in the sauce as well.

Pizzas come in round shapes that we usually see but some do come in squares and rectangles. For me, it does not really matter for as long as it tastes good and is cooked evenly to satisfy consumers from all walks of life.

Because I am talking about pizza, here is a new pizza place that has been opened few weeks ago. It’s named the “Quadrato Pizza”. The name itself obviously speaks about the shape of their pizza. It’s tasty and addictive that you can’t stop eating. They have a lot of different flavors available for consumers to choose at affordable prizes.

There are so many flavors like: Taco Loco, Seafood Supreme, Tuna Pizza, Hawaiian Delight, Sicilian Special, Spicy Sardine, Cheese and Cheese, Chili Con Carne and a lot more.

Where is this place? It is located at 138 V. MAPA STREET.And for your orders , you can call 0915-556-2806 (globe) and 0908-502-2008 (smart) for pick-up and delivery only.

Like them on Facebook, and follow on Twitter and Instagram as well! @QuadratoPizzaPH

photo credit to Chiqui Aportadera for some of the pics.

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