Nestle NANKID introduces their best formulation to Protect and Nourish your child in the New Normal

As a mother of two children, I have always been particular of what to give them because I know how it will affect their lives as they grow up and follow their dreams. Though it is the most challenging job any mother could have, the feeling of being a proud parent can’t be compared to anything. It is priceless and worth living for.

With what is happening around us, we have to be prepared of what ‘s to come because living in a “new normal” means a drastic change to our everyday lives. From taking care of the children to guiding them in their studies through home schooling, it is such a huge responsibility for mothers like us. But we are ready to give our best shot because a mother is bound to do anything for the children. Thus, our current situation comes with even more uncertainties than we could have prepared for.

With all these, mothers are finding ways to facce these different challenges. One of this is to make sure that the family is strong and healthy to prepare them for whatever it is to come. Same goes especially to the young children who are growing up and needed to have complete love and care for them to be healthier for a bright and better future.

The most important thing to consider is boosting the child’s immune system so he can be protected from all kinds of sicknesses. The immune system protects the body from toxins, infections and microorganisms. Thus, with proper nutrition through macronutrients and micronutrients, it can boost the immune system, to giving only the best that science has to offer:

  • Optimized protein – An exclusive, optimized protein blend that is high in quality that may support age-appropriate weight gain and development.
  • Bifidus BL Probiotics – Extensive research has proven that a type of live bacteria, specifically known as the probiotic B. Lactis, supports immunity by strengthening the gut and maintaining balance among bacteria.
  • Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HM-O) – The third largest solid component in human milk, HM-Os promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, assists gut barrier function, prevents pathogen adhesion in the gut, and directly modulates the immune system.

Parents have always been very resourceful in looking for ways to keep their children strong and healthy but it’s never enough. They rely also on their experience with their children but what is the best way for them is to be wise enough to trust only what’s credible and choose what’s science proven.

Backed by over 150 years of Nestle’s nutrition and scientific expertise, NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR’s advanced formulation, guaranteed to be its best formulation yet, is now made even better with HM-O.

This highly innovative and scientifically designed formula provides children with all they need. It is not only packed with optimized protein— a high quality, low quantity protein that is optimal for age-appropriate weight gain and development— but it also contains Probiotics, and is made with zero sucrose.

As the only one clinically proven to support optimal growth and immunity, parents are assured that their children can be ready for a life full of amazing possibles with NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR.

Through its first-ever interactive virtual event “The Science of Nourishing Possibles”, NANKID® gave parents a world-class experience to understand how science-proven NANKID® can be every parent’s partner in navigating through these unprecedented times.

“Raising children in this current environment can be rather daunting for parents who want to protect their kids while also allowing them to develop and grow. This is why Nestlè is proud to launch NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR, now with HM-O. Through this advanced formulation, we are confident that we can support parents in their parenting journey by providing them a scientifically-backed powdered milk drink formulated to provide optimal growth and immunity that will help prepare children for a life full of amazing possibles,” said [Nestle Premium Milks Lead] Aubrey Iñigo.

Parents might feel they are being left behind when it comes to nourishing their children but NANKID assures them that it will not be as difficult as it seems. With NANKID® and its clinically proven benefits, parents can continue to nourish their child’s every possible.

Learn more about NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR by visiting

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