Popskie’s Davao – Eat. Eat. Repeat.

During this time of pandemic and while we are in quarantine, what does your family love to eat? What do you crave for?
Are you craving for a mouthwatering and tender baby back ribs? How about these delicious flavored wings and drumsticks of different choices with sauces to dip with? And served with garlic or Java rice? Desserts like the classic filled donuts and fudge cake brownies?


You are in for some treat because POPSKIE’S DAVAO can satisfy your cravings anytime you feel it.
Popskie’s is here to make your family lunch or dinner as happy and memorable as it can be. Ask me how? By filling in your tummies with their best dishes that you’ll enjoy while you are just home safe and sound.
I am proud to say that it’s owned by my bestfriend of 14 years Vincent Rebosura, and who happens to be a good cook as well.  He learned that from his mother and father who passed on to him their great recipe for filipino dishes.  And now since he wants to finally make his dream come true, he opened up his business that he can truly call his own.  And since his father inspired him too, he named it “Popskie’s Davao”. Way to go besfy!
They are famous for these dishes:
Baby Back Ribs ( 4 cut rib,  half slab or whole slab) with a choice of Java (my favorite) or garlic rice and vegie salad on the side (crunchy and fresh) ; flavored wings and drumsticks (Classic, Buffalo, Soy Garlic, Cheesy Garlic, Salted Egg and Creamy Siracha); Desserts like Classic filled donuts (Creamy Custard, Ube, Chocolate, Strawberry and Pineapple) and  fudge cake brownies.
Apart from being a food lover, he is also a health conscious individual and that’s why he made sure of  the freshest ingredients from the herbs to the spices and stricly with no MSG.
For your orders, kindly contact nos. 09310708758 / 09776560075 (accepts Cash deposits, Gcash and COD).  They deliver it fast right at your doorstep.

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