Are you bothered with what to prepare for your family at home especially now that we are in quarantine? Nowadays, it is important to buy nutritious food that will help boost immune system. The right thing is to buy the best products which are worth paying for.


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Ask me what? Introducing the three most sought after dairy products in the market today: ARLA CHEESY LIGHT, ARLA CHEESY CHEDDAR and ARLA ORGANIC POWDERED MILK.
When it comes to creamy and milky taste but with 30 % less fat, ARLA Cheesy light is the
product for you.  It has a distinct fresh taste because there are no preservatives.  It is best for salads or toast sandwiches and great as dips for tortillas.
While ARLA Cheesy Cheddar Spread is rich in calcium and vitamin A, it’s also intended intended for cheese lovers out there who would like a more natural cheesy taste because it has 75% cream cheese.  It is also great for sandwiches, crackers and dips for your favorite chips.
If your kids love milk or even your whole family, try ARLA’s Organic powdered milk with its superior quality since it is free from pesticides and no other artificial ingredient whatsoever. Drinking it will keep your body strong and well nourished because it has 1/3 sugar content and 50% more protein compared to other leading brands.
These ARLA products by FLY ACE CORPORATION are now available in the supermarket.
So mommies out there, if you just heard of this, be the first ones to try and see for yourself. And guess what? My daughters loved it too!
And guess what? When you buy any Arla product, you are also helping support the farmers and their families.
Thank you Ms. Lormy Sapadan-Papa and Fly Ace Corporation.

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