SBD Catering Services serves famous Korean dishes

Another new discovery in the heart of the city is this very nice and cozy restaurant that serves korean dishes aside from filipino cuisine, the SBD Catering Services which is currently located at Angliongto Avenue, Diamond Village, Lanang.

They serve delicious and generous servings of all popular korean dishes. I assure you that you will really get good value in every dish that they offer.













Korean dishes like Squid Bulgogi, Cream Tteokbokki (spicy and non-spicy) , Dakgan Jeong, Sweet & Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken, Kimchi, Kimchi Jjigae, Kimchi Fried Rice, Egg Roll, bibimbap and Spicy Seafood Jjampong.

What’s more? I am also happy and super excited to announce that SBD Restaurant will be serving new korean dishes for their customers. Considering that these dishes are not just healthy but really delicious!

As a Korean food lover, I have a great obsession for Kimchi and Kimbap which is why I highly recommend this restaurant to be the best korean resto in town. The new dishes are : Curry Deopbap, Ramyeon, Galchi Jorim, Kimchi Gimbap, Ojingeo Bokkeum, Beef Gimbap (this you gotta try!) and Osingo Bulgogi.

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Aside from the attractive presentation, these dishes will truly satisfy your cravings while keeping you healthy during quarantine. Aside from their take out or delivery services, they are already open for dine-in following the 30 % occupancy only with few important safety measures.


Thanks to Ma’am Susie Benedicto de Leon and to her family who are not only kind-hearted and hospitable people but truly knows their business by heart.

For orders of these mouth-watering dishes, you may call 0953-388-9931 or 321-8694.




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