Grand Opening of Tres Jolie by Beautederm – the first branch in Davao City

Where did I first know about these beauty products? I saw it on you tube reviews by  users most especially from beauty vloggers.  I was skeptical at first but my sister encourage me to try it and so I did.  My kind sister even bought me a travel set to make sure I use it.

After using their travel set, I saw the effect even after a week already.  It was a good effect on my skin,  I did not have any rushes or allergies while using all the products daily.  Then after completing the first travel set, my skin glowed and became smoother.  There was really a different kind of effect on me.  I like it very much.  Thus,  I decided that this would be my permanent beauty products that are suitable to my skin.

photo credit to Beautederm website

Why I highly recommend these Beautederm products?  It works for me and to almost everyone else.  What are its good effects on your skin? Diminishes dark spots, freckles, acne and ice pick scars, protects skin with SPF 60 and natural zinc oxide, minimizes appearance of pores, reduces fine lines and visible signs of aging, restores skin’s suppleness for a healthy, dewy and rosy look, delivers whiter, flawless and younger looking skin in no time, guaranteed safe and effective and expect visible result as early as 1 week.

Travel set contains the following:

a.)Day and Night Toner has this micro-peeling effect that reveals young, fresh and youthful skin and totally creating a fresher, cleaner appearance giving it a lasting glow.

b.)Night Cream 1 (Whitening) helps reduce visible signs of aging and dark spots/melasma, lightens old pimples and blemishes and regenerates skin during sleep.

c.)Night Cream 2 (Moisturizing) is a light, non-greasy gel from that helps moisturize, renew and repair aging skin.

d.)Night Cream 3 (Anti-aging) improves skin elasticiy, lacks in moisture and tones the skin and even slows down aging and reduces visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

e.) Papaine Soap contains Vitamin A, C & E; Orange & Papaya Extract (Parabene free, rejuvenates and whitens).

I also think you should try this travel set worth P950.00 (good for two weeks).  Then if your skin reacts well to it, you can avail of their trial set worth P2,500 (good for one month).  Then finally, you can buy the regular set which can be good for two months.

This is why Beautederm became popular nationwide (both men and women) most especially by actors and actresses.







And now that it’s finally here in Davao City, it won’t be a hassle for me anymore because I can buy it anytime I want to.


Today was the successful grand opening of Tres Jolie by Beautederm at the 2nd floor level of Gaisano Mall Davao.





A mall show was held featuring the Beautederm Ambassadors at the Atrium of Gaisano Mall Davao. A huge crowd filled with excited fans were delighted to see their favorite actors/actresses performing live on stage.

Thanks to Beautederm for this successful event as they opened their Davao Branch in Gaisano Mall Bajada.














Beauterm Ambassadors who performed were: Enchong Dee, Sylvia Sanchez, Hashtag Ryle, Jane Oineza, Ria Atayde, Rita Daniela, Ken Chan and Ms. Anne Feo (proud Dabawenya model and actress).

It was indeed a night full of excitement and surprises brought to us by Tres Jolie by Beautederm.  




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