Bec & Geri’s Popular Vegan Meals

I am a meat lover but because I acquired highblood when I reached the age of 43 years old, I became very conscious of what I am eating every now and then. Thus, I shifted to fish and chicken most of the time.  However, I would like to try new meals for a change because my palate is looking for something new.

My sister introduced me to her dear friends, the lovely couple, Mr. and Mrs. Maria Victoria Evangelista, owner of Bioskin Philippines , one of the most reliable beauty product manufacturer Philippines. Providing high-quality eco-friendly beauty care products since 2002. It is a one-stop shop when it comes to skin care products of natural origin. They even customize and personalize clients’ brand as they offer a wide-range of packaging materials from bottles, jars and canisters to a diversified active ingredient. They already have branches nationwide from Davao, Cebu, Iloilo and Manila, Bioskin’s manufacturing plant is located at Darong, Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur; strategically located right at the foot of Mt. Apo,






These couple are into vegan diet  which is now very popular.  They followed a healthy lifestyle.  For them, being a Vegan,  has its benefits whether on your health or the health of the environment.

Upon knowing their newly opened restaurant, I was excited to try out their healthy meals.  It became an instant hit to Dabawenyos and more customers kept coming in.

Bec & Geri’s produced organic and whole food beverages and foods; worthy alternatives to our favorites. Because of this, more and more Filipinos can indulge in treats like ice cream, milk tea, and buffalo wings without the guilt.


















Bec & Geri’s prides itself in producing organic and whole food beverages and foods; worthy alternatives to our favorites. Because of Bec & Geri’s, more and more Filipinos can indulge in treats like ice cream, milk tea, and buffalo wings; without the guilt.

Bec & Geri’s plant-based diet meals have a lot of options for you to choose from. Name it they have it. So unique but taste so good. These healthy Vegan Meals really says a lot. Once you tried, you will love it and will come back for more.

They have Lumpiang Shanghai, Vegnet, Sisig Rice, Vegan Bagoong, Aglio Olio, Buffalo Wings, Pho Bo, Vegan burgers, Gelato Ice Cream, Milk teas, coffee and a lot more.

Their vegan version of bagnet (a popular Filipino pork belly dish) is superb, even non-vegans will like it! Vegan gelatos and boba milkteas are worth trying.

Bring along your family, friends and visitors to have a taste of Vegan meals for a change. It’s good for you! Visit the restaurant at Lot 11, Block 4, Maya St., Ecoland Subdivision beside AMWSLAI Bldg.

Opens from Mon-Sat 10:00am-7:00pm. Closed during Sundays.

(photo credit to mommy bloggers, Ms. Pal Raine and Chiqui Aportadera )


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