Jolly Claro Palm Oil

Did you know where Palm oil comes from? Palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit.  Infact, it is the popular cooking oil in Southeast Asia.  It is also popular in processed foods as it is free from trans fats and contains natural antioxidants such as vitamins A and E.

Let us spread the good news out there! I am sure mommies like me are already using this palm oil which has been proven safe and cholesterol free and fortified with Vitamin A.



Introducing “Jolly Claro”, one of the top palm oil brands in the Philippines. I am a proud user and I trust in its high quality refinement process because it is clear and clean even though you have used it thrice or four times. That goes to show why Jolly Claro is highly recommended for all around and everyday cooking.



They say that mother knows best.  Thus, when it comes to cooking oil, she knows what’s right for her family.  If she chose Jolly Claro Palm Oil, then she wants her family to be healthy.  Palm Oil has a lot of health benefits and to name a few, it can reduce blood pressure, circulation and normalized cholesterol levels.

In our family, we used Jolly Claro Palm Oil for over a year now.  The good thing about it is, the oil can be used two or three times and surprising to say that it’s still clean and clear.  Now I know why it’s called “Claro:






This oil is becoming very popular in the market today.  It brought happiness to the lives of many Filipino families nationwide.  Proven and tested, Claro oil is made from 100% pure palm Olein and undergone a 5 step process to meet high quality standards.  Jolly Claro Palm oil is available in the following sizes: PET 250ml, PET 1liter, PET 2liter, SUP 500 ml, SUP 1l, SUP 2l.

Visit them at for more details.



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