Malita Dives: A short trip to a Paradise

I have been too busy at work that I thought I needed some fresh air.  I wanted it to be away from the busy life here in the City.  It has nothing to do with my job or perhaps the pressures that my life has been giving me.

It’s doing something worthwhile and I just needed that break.  My sister once told me that to travel to a new place gives her a feeling of positivity and more energy.  And I totally agree!

I was really hoping to go to a new place where I can relax while enjoying the full view.  It rejuvenates me knowing that I can only think of positive things of what life has to offer.  At this point in time, taking some time off for relaxation is the best reward I can give to myself.



God truly answers prayers.  My sister and our group was personally invited to have an overnight stay in a private resort called “Malita Dives”.





Yes! You heard it right.  It’s Malita Dives, a private resort located in Barangay Tubulan, Malita, Davao Occidental.

We hit the road early in the morning and rode in a van that took us two and half hours from Davao City to Malita, Davao Occidental.

Then, we have a five-minute boat ride to reach our destination.











Malita Dives is a private beach house beside a huge rock formation.  It’s perfect for activities like snorkeling, jetski, speedboat, banana boat ride and diving.


When we finally arrived, I was amazed at the sight of this boat-shaped like structure beach house which looked inviting and attractive.  Our pathway was filled with Neon flags that seemingly kept waving at us while we were approaching  the beach house.  This is owned by Mayor Bradly and pretty wife, Jean Seekins Bautista who invited us over to experience and see such a beautiful sight.





Seeing the clear waters and healthy marine life  below, Tubulan Cove is highly protected.  Mayor Bradley declared this as a sanctuary to keep it always safe and even hired “Bantay Dagat” boat ptrolers with respective boats to guard it by heart.  These were the fishermen who lived nearby.  During our short stay, we were all geared up for the activities like banana boat and jetski ride.




The scariest part for me was riding the jetski which I thought would simply be a smooth ride but it turned out to be exciting and scary at the same time.

During the night, the lights surrounding the beach house was an added attraction to it.  It’s like in an American movie where families and friends gathered together in an intimate party inside a yacht listening to the live music.



All the girls including me, cuddled ourselves inside this one air-conditioned room with huge bed and balcony.  The rest of the guys slept in comfy folding beds anywhere outside or in the lounge deck where they can view the bright stars in the skies.



We enjoyed singing in the dining area as a videoke set and TV is made available.  We had food and drinks while having an enjoyable chat to sawa with the first lady, Mrs. Jean Seekins-Bautista, accompanied by her good friend, Jeremiah “Jing” Danolko, Malita’s Tourism Officer.

Who would ever go hungry during our stay when we were offered with sumptuous food laid on a long table filled with local dishes proudly cooked by ma’am Jean Bautista and her staff.










Among the delicious local dishes prepared were chicken barbecue, fish, crabs, prawns, kinilaw, calamares in salted eggs and tasty lechon.

I was also engrossed with this famous “Adlai Rice” they were proud to offer which really tastes good.  It’s a gluten-free rice that contains protein/dietary fiber and minerals.  It’s a healthy substitute for white rice made by local farmers.

For dessert, we were given Ice cream made from WEBB (Women Enterpreneurs of Barangay Buhangin.  They have different flavors like kalabasa, malunggay, durian and sili (one or two).

It made my stay more meaningful with the company of my friends and co bloggers namely: Pal Raine, Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto, Tammy Francisco, Penn Villamora, Christian Joy Salas, Chiqui Aportadera and Khyrby Goc-ong.



Thankful to Mayor Bradly and wife, Mrs. Jean Seekins – Bautista for the very warm and friendly accommodation given to us.


Special thanks also to BIOSKIN for the Coco’s Himalayan Pink Salt Sunblock for sun protection and Gatchi Gatchalian for the delicious snacks , “Gatchi chips”.

Just like my relaxing day tour/overnight stay, you can also have this same kind of experience.  Book now for reservations which is highly encourage in order to preserve the cleanliness of the environment as well as protecting the wildlife.

You can contact Georgette “Jetjet” through nos. 0975-561-9694 or 0918-582-5049 and Tourism Officer, Jeremiah Jing Danolko through no. 0975-595-0517.

Day tours and midnight packages are available.


Thanks to Pal Raine, Chiqui Aportadera and Ms. Jojie Alcantara for some of the pictures provided in this blog.




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