MINDCHAMPS INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL is the pre-school of your choice for your little champ!

What makes MindChamps International Pre-school the right per-school for your precious child? Simple, it’s a great preschool with a good reputation, passionate teachers, safe and warm environment and facilities that are child-friendly.

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MindChamps International PreSchool is the only pre-school globally to partner with world renowned neuroscientist,  Professor Emeritus Allan Synder (FRS), to nurture young children with the Champion Mindset.  Moreover, their champion teachers undergo a stringent 200 hours of compulsory MindChmps Way Preschool Teacher Training & Accreditation.  You can be assured that they want your child’s future to succeed and will do their best to make them happy and healthy as well.

The good thing is, it’s now here in Davao City! They had conducted a free-trial class last February 14-16, 2019 to give a good view and let their children experience what MindChamps International School can greatly offer.

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Afterwards, I got a chance to have a one-on-one interview with some of the proud parents who came along with their children and these are their feedbacks:




“I actually saw MindChamps in Paragon, in Singapore lastweek.  And then I received a text from one of my friends that MindChamps is coming to Davao City.  I was excited so I signed up for the trial class. So far, my baby liked it.  He’s happy and made new friends.  So, I think…yeah MindChamps is gonna be my son’s school in the future” – Mrs. Beverly from Manila.





“Dahil sa friend ko and then I saw it in the social media.  Last time, orientation nila, I asked my sister to attend there.  So far, okay ang feedback ng sister ko.  Sabi niya Go! and ipa trial class ko ang anak ko.  ANg balak ko mag uumpisa and son ko, 1 year and 2 months.  By June,  turning 1 year and 6 months na siya, ipa try ko ng summer class.  Now, after this trial class, nakita ko na naga explore na siyang mag-isa lang while I was just sitting here.  Okay pala and 4 hours is very sulit talaga as it has been mentioned awhile ago.” – Mrs. Jenny Pang from Davao City.

“Same with Jenny,  I was invited by my classmate.  I am looking for a school na parang really the best for Jaden.  So I attended their orientation last month. Now, we had our free trial class,  So I grabbed the opportunity and I came here.  I am hopefully looking forward to their summer class.  I can try it out for Jaden and para sa learning niya at his age.  Learning is important and I am hoping for the best.”  –  Mrs. Krista Benice Du from Davao City.





“I saw it in the social media and through my friend too.  She asked me if I wanted to try their free trial class so andito kami ngayon.  Pinatry na naming siya ng summer class before.  While nagschool hunting kami, nakita namin ang MindChamps.  I will consider this school when it opens ngayong summer.” – Mr. and Mrs Iva Mangahas from Davao City.


In MindChamps International Pre-School, they develop your child to be confident, creative and compassionate learners and to be uniquely themselves.




Special thanks to:

Mr. Milo Fadrilan – Marketing Director , MindChamps International Pre-school at BGC The Fort Inc.

Ms. Kris Hagan – Parent Relations Officer/Marketing Officer, MindChamps International Pre-School, BGC The Fort Inc.







MCHAMPS (2).jpg

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