Do you take care of your nails?  You really should because nails are a specialized form of skin.  They protect your fingers and toes to prevent infections and other skin conditions.  Thus, they indicate how healthy you are so keep it nice and clean all the time.

This is what inspired Ms. Helen Ga-as Tabanao, the pretty owner of Harmonails Nail & Salon Spa, to open up a business that caters to any individual from all walks of life who are keen to take care of their nails.


The owner herself believes that keeping your hands and feet nice and clean is part of good health habits.  She takes care of her nails and made sure that she visits a salon every month.  Thus, she came up with the idea of having her own spa with the advice from her friends and her experiences as a valued client too.

Born from Misamis Occidental, her hometown, Ms. Helen Len Ga-as is a business minded person since she used to have any business located at Diaz Mall.

As a commerce graduate, she has the ability to ensure that her business is gaining profits and studied diligently on how to market her products effectively amidst the growing competitors she has in the industry.  Moreover, she is a very hands on owner as she makes sure that her customers are well taken cared of and the products they used are really of good quality.

She searched for a good location where she can start her dream business and found NCCC Mall, Matina to be the perfect spot. It was opened last 2015, located at the 3rd floor level.  Business was doing good but unfortunately, a terrible event took place at the NCCC mall wherein her spa was also caught on fire.

However, this didn’t stop her to continue her business operation and since she loved how the NCCC management takes care of their tenants, she still chose the same mall to be part of her growing business.






Then last February 8, 2019, Harmonails Nail Salon & Spa reopened their branch at the 3rd level of NCCC mall, Buhangin.  It was beautifully designed with new and better features which the owner carefully and thoroughly planned making it better than the previous one.































The Harmonails Nail Salon & Spa is now open to serve you.  It’s not only ready to cater mommies and daddies but also for kids.  No worries because their products are made from US and France which are safe for children.





“It’s really important to have a once a week nail polish treatment because  it will nurture our nails and protect it.  We discourage the use of “Methiolate” solution because it darkens and stains the nails.  And for sanitation, we use alcohol.  We will also apply a cuticle cream for moisture and maintained healthy nails.”























They even have their popular treatments such as : RF treatment which you can avail of for as low as P500.00 per session during their summer promo.  Another treatment is their “lashlift” which is truly interesting because I had my daughter, Kathlene, experienced her first lashlift session and the result was remarkable. It costs P400.00 per session. Moreover, they cater men and call these treatment “Mister Harmonails manicure and pedicure” and cater kids and call it “Little Miss Harmonails Manicure and Pedicure”.


What is the effect of having a lashlift treatment? It will make your lashes look longer and fuller.

For their Gelish gel manicure, they use the best LED lamp which is safer, sturdy and hygienic.  You can ensure a very relaxing experience during your treatment for only P600.00 and it will lasts up to 3 weeks.

Your nails deserve the love and care so “Treat yourself to the pampering you deserve feeling blissfully calm and harmonious.”

Visit Harmonails Nail Salon & Spa now and avail of their 10% discount on their various selected treatments.

Check their fb page: @harmonailsofficial

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Model: Jan Kathlene Trozo (BS Psych graduate)

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