Katsu Country Café Davao

What is it in Japanese food that people go crazy about?  I suppose it’s because in Japanese cuisine, the food is either fried or grilled.  The food always look healthy and fresh and the presentation looks good too.

Well for one thing, the street food of Japan is becoming popular until now because of its flavorful taste. Thus, it’s now a comfort food.  The traditional Japanese food is healthy, well-balanced and very tasty.

Here is the good news to Japanese food lovers!

Mr. EJ Pasia and his co-owners opened a Japanese-inspired café, KATSU COUNTRY CAFE, in Davao City serving delicious tonkatsu sets, Ramen, milkshakes, desserts and many more.



The owner personally likes katsu.  With this, he started researching about it which he thought was easy to prepare but found out that it was tedious. Luckily, they developed the bun for the delicious “Shibuya toast”.  They started with the breadcrumbs and that was the secret ingredient. They baked it everyday alongside with the other chefs.



Mr. EJ was proud to say that everything they launched in his restaurant was researched in Japan since they have a partner Chef who lived there.  They collaborated with him whether it’s correct or not.  From the breadcrumbs, they have a distinct taste of Katsunami.





















“Japanese is related to precision and design.  Since I am an architect,  I thought to myself – Why don’t I put up a Japanese inspired restaurant since I appreciate it very much and I am into Japanese food.  I have been traveling to Japan most of the time and I want to bring Japan to Davao City because I believe that food is a key ingredient defining one’s culture,” says EJ Pasia, owner.

Here are some of the Japanese food that you can order at Katsu Country Café Davao:


Menchi Katsu Burger (breaded and deep fried juicy ground beef patty with fresh lettuce and shredded cabbage served with potato chips) costs P190.00


Tomato Don ( signature tomato sauce with added sauteed elements to give you a refreshing taste on ricebowls) costs P239.00



Cheese Gyoza (chunky cheese filled fried gyoza with real chunky tomato sauce)  costs P120.00.



Okonomiyaki (a savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients, made healthy with bacon, eggs and cabbage, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce and japanese mayo) costs P179.00



Shrimps (4 pieces of succulent prawns and served with squash croquette) costs P270.00


Coffee caramel milkshake (mixed drink of aromatic coffee, rich caramel, milk and velvety cream) costs P130.00


Strawberry banana milkshake ( a taste of paradise! fresh banana slices and strawberries) costs P130.00






Shibuya toast – Choco hazel nut ( house-made toast served with honey syrup and vanilla ice cream) costs P159.00



Shibuya toast – Strawberry ( house-made toast served with honey syrup and vanilla ice cream) costs P169.00

Katsu Country Cafe will be one of Davao’s pride because not only do they serve delicious Japanese cuisine which taste savory and freshly cooked by a good chef but they also have a relaxing and cool atmosphere made of  truly Japanese inspired design plus the welcoming and friendly staff who will be there to serve you.


In celebration of  the 82nd Araw ng Dabaw and Katsu Country Cafe’s 2nd Anniversary , they will be having a Buy 1 Take 1 promo on their milkshakes for their valued customers.  Do not miss this chance to taste their refreshing milkshakes!

Katsu Country Cafe is conveniently located at Ground Floor, Junction Bldg, Emilio Jacinto Extension, Davao City. And for reservations, call up 0995-478-5305.  They are open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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