MindChamps International preschool

What could be more important for parents right now?  Well, many of them are doing the extra mile just to get their children into the best school possible.  And why not? The parents have a very huge and important role to play as they encourage, support and care for their child’s early education.  Because of this, a positive effect on the child’s growth and improvement will come out from this involvement.


Parents nowadays are conscious of the quality of education that their children must attain in their early childhood.  Getting a good quality preschool education is their main objective.  That makes sense.

And here’s the thing! Singapore’s leading premium preschool will open very soon in Davao City. MindChamps International Preschool’s unique curriculum nurtures every aspect of your child’s development from 18 months to 5 years old through their world proprietary academic and enrichment programs like: Fun with Language, Numeracy Strategies, Inquiry Moments, Creativity & Theatrical Strategies, Music for the Mind, Gourmet Moments and NeuroMooves.








They launched their free trial class last February 14-16, 2019 to introduce to the Davao community and give them a glimpse of what Singaporean International standards can greatly offer.  Each of the children will receive an assessment through email from their Singapore trained preschool teachers in order to know what grade level the child should be enrolled in.  This was successfully being held at the second floor of Blooming Days Café wherein a lot of parents came along with their children.


Luckily,  there was a couple from Davao City with business partners, who decided to invest and open MindChamps International Preschool in the City. They enrolled their daughter and were happy about the positive result in their daughter’s growth and development after a short period of time.


Mr. Milo Fadrilan, Marketing Director, Mindchamps International Preschool, The Fort BGC, who was born in Davao City but grew up in Manila said, “ More than finding your passion, it’s finding the purpose.  I found it in our children, my two boys, ages 14 and 12.  They experienced a formidable platform Singaporean early learning education that I never thought the Philippines would raise. I enrolled them in MindChamps Singapore and I saw that they became very independent.


In 2015, they open a franchise and there are 45 MindChamps International Preschools in Singapore over 20 years.  The only pre-school globally to partner with world renowned neuroscientist, Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder (FRS), to nurture young children with the Champion Mindset.

They already have six (6) centers in Luzon and these are located in Manila Bay Campus, Fort Flagship Campus, Ortigas Campus, Greenhills Campus, Nuvali and Alabang. The 7th center will now be in Davao City, the first venture in the Vismin market.

Why have they chosen Davao City?  “The opportunity just came when this couple from Davao inquired and searched online.  Things just happened for a reason,” according to Mr. Fadrilan.

The purpose of MindChamps International Preschool is to deliver to the Philippine Market a world class early education to our children without going abroad.  Neuroscience study shows that children have to balance 6 – S M I L E S which stands for S-ensory, M-otor, I-ntellect, L-ogistics, E-motional and S-ocial.  At the age of 5, this should already be complete.

Moreover, they will offer a summer transition program from 15 months to 5 years old.  During this transition class, they will mimic the actual class that’s happening in MindChamps program.

The good thing is parents do understand the need to invest in their children’s education at a very young age to help them develop socially and emotionally and prepare them for their future.

Find out why MindChamps International Preschool is the pre-school of choice for your little Champ!


Visit www.mindchamps.org / fb and IG -@mindchampsphils

Email at marikrishagan@mindchamps.org  or contact 0917-774-0601




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