NATUREAL JUICE – Take home some freshness!

Juice is one of my favorite and when it comes to flavors, I love Mango and Calamansi  the most.

Nowadays, juice became a health trend that won’t fade away that easily.  Why? because it’s not only considered a refreshing drink but also gives health benefits.

For instance, Calamansi juice can eliminate toxins and assists in the digestive system or treating digestive disorders.  Same goes with the Mango juice which lowers cholesterol levels and is a good source of Vit A and Vit C.

The owners, Mr. Alan and Mrs. Karol Pang, love to drink Calamansi juice and were both wondering what if they can produce a juice that still tastes naturally and without preservatives.  Since we have farms that produce a lot of Calamansi, the owners took the initiative to use them in a healthy and productive way.  They do not want to deteriorate the quality of a good calamansi juice that’s healthy and refreshing. Moreover, they want to support our local farmers.

As owners of good quality and delicious ice cream, Allego, the ice cream division tech made sure that the natural taste and quality they wanted can be bottled and served to people who wants to enjoy them.

“Without preservatives at all” is the non negotiable, says Ma’am Karol Pang, owner.

Thus, the processing from machine squeezing of fresh fruits, mixing with only water and sugar, then finally put and store inside these attractive bottles.

How did “NATUREAL JUICE” products became known in Davao City? It all started when four years ago when the management joined a weekend Bazaar in Lanang  and they were acknowledged as the most saleable products every week.  Because of this, they had an inkling that the juice will be such a hit in the city.




True enough, they opened a kiosk at SM Lanang Premier the next year.  The sales went higher and they are gaining more loyalty from customers who have tasted their products and had good reviews about it.  You can also visit another kiosk which is located at Abreeza Mall near the grocery store.






















I am an avid fan of Natureal Juice products because my children really loved it.  I am very particular of the taste and I see to it that it is also healthy for my children. That’s why, the quality of this Juice passed my standards because it comes not only in stunning packaging designs but the taste is so good that once you start drinking it, you just can’t stop.

During my daughter’s 10th birthday, she celebrated it in class and her classmates loved the juice too.






Good news to all loyal customers of Natureal Juice products! It is now on it’s third flavor and has been introduced into the market already named as the “Passion Fruit”.

Mothers, children of all ages including the young professionals, adults , millenials and senior citizens. can be assured that this juice is really worth something!

To find out more about these products, follow them on facebook @naturealph or visit their branches. #NatuRealJuice




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