Welcome Home, La Germania!

The first roadshow to welcome chefs  and cooks from Davao City was conducted by La Germania , the premier cooking range brand because it’s designed for the extreme demands of household use and meticulously engineered with rugged and lasting construction.  Now, it opened a one of a kind cooking and homemaking expo dubbed Welcome Home at the Activity Center of Abreeza Mall last September 8-9, 2018.



This exhibit featured the wide range of La Germania products and allowed both home cooks and chefs to get a glimpse and feel of what an efficient kitchen range could do for a household.


























To open the ceremony, a ribbon-cutting was made official to open the Pop-up Gallery by brand representatives and advocates and after which, special guests, media and La Germania followers were given a chance to roam around the gallery and take a look at the various products they have in store and regaled with workshops and demos.




Chef Jeremy Favia
Chef Jeremy Favia

thumbnail (2).png












Karina Rodriguez
Chef Karina Rodriguez



thumbnail (3).png





To make the program more enticing to the audience, they invited special guests who have expertise in home cooking. Sponsored by La Germania, celebrity chef  Jeremy Favia of TV 5’s Chef vs Mom fame conducted a short demo/workshop themed as ” the art of cooking “beautifully”.  He taught the participants on how to spice up what are considered traditional Filipino meals in La Germania style.  The recipes he introduced were Three Cheese Macaroni and Chicken Caldereta Hash which are mostly served in households.




The fun part was during Chef consultant and food stylist, Karina Rodriguez, cupcake baking and decorating workshop where kids can participate and can create a design. She is best known for exclusive cooking and baking classes for kids and adults.  She taught them to properly use an oven, bake and decorate cupcakes.  The children who participated were able to take home their baked masterpieces including souvenirs like hats and aprons.

Russet Cainglet


April San Pedro


Moreover, a Bento making workshop facilitated by Russet Cainglet and a Paper Flower making class headed by April San Pedro made it more informative and enjoyable as participants learned the techniques on how to make fun-packed meals especially for picky eaters and how to make beautiful paper blooms for attractive decorations.

La Germania’s Welcome Home mobile exhibit was a blast indeed!

Every La Germania product speaks well through its quality and integrity throughout the years and truly dedicated to their clients ensuring the highest level of performance and understated elegance.

Do not settle for anything less!

Follow La Germania on facebook @LaGermaniaPh for more details on their wide range of products.












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