LOFT Salon & Nail Lounge – THE SALON YOU CAN TRUST with your hair!

Beauty Salons are really of big help to women who want to change their hairstyle to look and feel goof.   They visit their favorite salon for some reason.  They may want to seek advice from the hair stylist or hairdresser, depending on whom they are comfortable with.

They may want to change their hairstyle or hair color.  Not only that, men also tend to feel that way.  And why not? To look different and be more confident of oneself!

If you will ask me?  I visit a salon every once in a while.  I feel so confident and beautiful even after just a simple haircut and blower.  Even after a busy schedule, I will find time to go to a salon and have my hair fixed the way I want it to be.

Of all the salons I have visited,  I would like to highly recommend LOFT Salon & Nail Lounge.  Once I entered the salon, I was comfortable with the ambiance and the clean sorroundings.  Not to mention the friendly staff who treated me well.




I was introduced to one of their Senior hair stylist/colorist by the name of Jonathan Samar, 34 years old and studied/trained in Manila (He was trained by Ricky Reyes for three years and worked in different salons here and in Manila).  When I asked him what hair color and treatment suits me well.  He suggested that I should try Color highlights with keratin. The color he suggested was light blonde golden reflect 9.3.  I trusted him with my hair because he spoke from the heart.  He explained really well and made me understand the effects of my treatment afterwards.





Thus, I sat there for only two hours and I was convinced that he was a great stylist and colorist.  What made me decide to agree with the color?  A certain staff in the salon named Maymay Cocgin had a very radiant hair and the first time I saw it, I liked it right away.  When I asked Jonathan, he told me what the color was and how he did it.  Then he  commented that it will look good on me.  Upon hearing this, I told him immediately to apply that kind of color and hair treatment on my hair.



For Jonathan, hair color would also depend on the color of your skin.  If it suits you, then don’t be afraid to try it.  According to him, if you have a white complexion, the colors ash blonde, burgundy and violet (cool colors) will be good for you.  On the otherhand, if you have a pale complexion, you can try warm colors, red, mahogany,  gold and copper.

Loft Salon’s services being offered are: rebond color with keratin or kerabond (makes your hair bouncy and soft), color highlights (global highlights), balayage (highlights and lowlights combination, hot oil treatment, foot massage,  foot spa with pedicure, manicure and a lot more.  Can you imagine your hair would look like one of the commercial models on television? I would flaunt it for the world to see!

Marizon Bastida Liu (owner) beside me and all her staff

I had a good feeling after we left the salon because I felt pampered and the best thing is the hair stylist suggested how to keep my hair look even great in the few weeks to come.  They shared with me products that they have which are organic and very safe to use.  Their products are made from Italy and the packaging is attractive to look at.

So, what are you waiting for? You deserve a break.  It is relaxing to have your hair shampooed and blowdried in a salon. It makes a huge difference before and after visiting a salon.

Visit LOFT and dare to try something new with your hair!

It is conveniently located at Door no. 16, 2nd floor, MTS.  Their professional hairstylist will be there to assist you. Call for an appointment through  this number – (082) 225-2593.
















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