I was fortunate to be invited by a very dear friend, Ms. Evelyn Princess Villaflor Buendia to a very informative forum last night, August 23, 2018.

It was a short briefing about “IT Design and Disaster Recovery” @ Pavillion, Apo View Hotel  with speaker Mr. Steven J. Tresco and his lovely wife, Cecilia Benitez who came all the way from New York to visit Davao City for business since they are currently working on multiple projects at this time.  He was a consultant of IT design for more than 20 years.


He studied Bachelor in Forensic Science and immersed himself in the world of info technology as a consultant. For the past ten years, he has been into the global consulting firm supporting multiple industries.


He was a Systems Engineer/IT operations manager at a cancer research hospital. He encourages companies to start their DR strategy during their IT design phase.








The couple have other businesses such as the Real Estate Business and Home Care business (NY Caregivers) with 20 to 45 employees.

“Now start planning your business strategies since technology is growing and more businesses must embrace it in order to survive.  Start your DR Strategy during your IT design phase,” he says.




Mr. Steve agrees that there are different accomplishments at the same goal.  Thus, planning can allow a business to recover.  What’s important is the exercise itself and what you can gain from it.  He encourages every business to execute the project plan.  Nothing you will do is going to be a 100% bullet proof.  The important thing is to test your strategies regularly.

For more details, you can contact Mr. Steve – STRESCO CONSULTING , 845-293-0463 and visit


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