Pag-ablisa Kadayawan sa Dabaw

The Opening of 33rd Kadayawan sa Dabaw or “Pag-ablisa Kadayawan sa Dabaw” held at Magsaysay Park last August 10, 2018, was a successful one. A mass was held beforehand to ask for God’s bountiful blessings and thanking Him for a peaceful celebration.





Our beloved Mayor Inday Sara, Chairperson of Kadayawan 2018, during her opening speech encouraged everyone to join and celebrate during events, eat fruits like durian, lansones and mangosteen and a lot more. She is grateful for the support and cooperation of the 11 tribes showcasing the harmonious community of loving people amidst cultural differences along with the deputy mayors.  She further thanked all department heads and councilors for their full support on this special festival in Davao most especially the security partners for making DAVAO safe and peacefull all the time.





Our beloved Mayor Inday Sara and her welcome speech
Mayor Inday Sara officially opens KADAYAWAN through banging a gong

Mayor Sara assured everyone of a grander and happier celebration this year! She officially opened the Kadayawan Festival through banging a gong to signify that we are ready to celebrate Kadayawan!



Do visit the 11 tribes at Magsaysay Park and learn more about them as we pay respect to their unique culture and proudly shares this to all tourist who will come and visit Davao. They are one of the highlights of this festivity.  Among them are the following:


Bagobo Klata – known to be the forest dwellers and known for their artistry.  They live in a very simple life, fruit bearing trees are their source of living and serve as their livelihood.  They occupy a very big territory stretching from Catalunan, Pequeno, Tugbok District to Calinan and Baguio District.














ATAs – are called the people at the mountains, tehy describe as naturally shy, kind but quick to anger.  They are capable of organizing their own cultural practices.  They are located in Paquibato District, Talaingod Davao del Norte, San Fernando and Kitao-tao Bukidnon and portion of Buda.














MATIGSALUG – is usually called “Matig” and the “Salug River” where they came from and their ancestor’s from.  Their sources of living are planting native rice, fishing, hunting, collecting of indigenous fruits.

“We always thank God — or as we call it in Lumad, Manama or Allah — for the bountiful harvest. It’s a thanksgiving festival and we basically honor the 11 tribes of Davao,” festival director Gatchi Gatchalian said.


Kadayawan Festival is the most celebrated event of Dabawenyos.  It is best to share the excitement with families, friends and relatives. It will not be successful if not for the participation of all Dabawenyos.  There are a lot of activities everywhere especially in San Pedro Streets namely Indak-Indak, Pamulak and Pitik.


With what’s happening around the City, we are grateful for the bountiful harvest and peaceful life that God has bestowed upon us under the strong leadership of our beloved Mayor Inday Sara.  This is the right time to celebrate indeed!







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