AYC TRAVEL & TOURS – an online homebased ticketing made for your convenience and personal needs!

AYC Travel and Tours – an online homebased ticketing owned and operated by Apple Corpus who was originally trained by Unified Products and Services.

This was her dream business and now after 23 years of working as a registered nurse by profession and 17 years as an OFW from different countries, she finally made her dream come true.

This online homebased ticketing carries 385 airlines and caters a wide array of service that customers can easily choose from such as e-remittance, e-loading, bills payment, hotel bookings, travel and tours packages, NSO payments, cash reload and wellness products.  It definitely ensures convenience and comfort to customers in many different ways.  For one thing, it saves time and effort on their part because they do not have to keep up with the heavy traffic in the City.

Aside from giving convenience to its customers, the owner’s real goal is to grow and share this to those who would like to learn and earn at the same time.

As the owner herself said, “ I am ready to take care of their traveling needs and this is not new to me at all because for how many years, I have been taking care of my patient’s needs also.  And now that I am starting my dream and venturing into a this business that I love and call my own,  I will ensure that my clients/ customers can experience a process that is painless as possible and have peace of mind as well.”

For more details, email them @ bachok0808@yahoo.com or call them through nos. 286-3825 or 0919-478-3753.

Fb: Libra_Ple

And for USA passengers, contact #901-318-4714




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