Pampers Baby Dry says goodbye to “lawlaw” diapers with its Magic gel channels

Have you ever thought why most of the mothers out there are very picky when it comes to diapers? Yes, it is definitely true because diapers help babies to keep from becoming wet all the time to bring comfort while he/she moves around or let them sleep quickly and go through the night. It also saves time for busy moms.

However, mothers choose the best quality that they have truly found in Pampers Baby Dry. Why? Because Pampers top priority is your babies’ safety.


That’s why a lot of mothers trust Pampers who are committed to help them raise happy babies! Pampers are made from ingredients that are truly safe and have been thoroughly tested for babies protection.


Now, mothers will be very delightful to hear the news what Pampers baby dry has to offer with the purpose to end saggy diapers that hinder baby’s movement and consequently, their development as well.



With its innovation, Pampers Baby Dry has magic gel channels to absorb wetness evenly and distribute it throughout the whole diaper.


This is why Pampers had been promoting the “GoGalaw Movement all over the Philippines to spread their mission – to have more and more babies experience the freedom of movement while wearing a less lawlaw diaper can bring.


What can lawlaw or saggy diapers do to babies? This can cause baby to feel uncomfortable and experience irritation because of exposure to wetness. It is also very costly when you buy cheap diapers compared to that of Pampers Baby dry wherein you can save as much as P300/month because you change less.

Lawlaw diapers delays learning since when learning how to walk, a baby should not have any bulk between the legs that might hinder her motor development. Plus! It will be earlier for them to learn motor skills and explore the world on their own sooner.


Pampers Baby dry have been proven to reduce excess skin wetness because of its super absorbent magic gel that locks in urine and keeps moisture away from baby’s skin, preventing diaper rash.

Last, June 23, 2018, The Pampers Baby Dance Party was held at Gymboree Davao for the last leg of the series of events.

pampers 19


There was a demo led by Ms. Adie Villegas, Pampers Communications Manager, who called some of the mothers with their babies to help her out and show how super absorbent this new Pampers Baby dry is.






The program involved a lot of activities that got mommies or daddies to participate with their children. They all danced to the tune of Pampers Go Galaw Jingle. I personally like the song and memorized it easily. Babies swayed joyfully to the music and played with others at the same time. The upbeat song highlights how babies can go galaw in a less lawlaw diaper, thanks to the new Pampers Baby Dry.

The party will not be complete without the delicious snacks! They served all the food to the parents with their children who actively participated including the guests who were there to give support to this dance party brought to you only by Pampers Baby Dry, the no. 1 selling diaper worldwide.


Pampers Baby Dry is already out in the market nationwide, as well as online on



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