PURRBOX CAFÉ – where Cat Lovers feel at home

As a first timer to this café, I was thinking that while you are eating inside, cats are just roaming around for you to mingle and play with.  It was totally different from what I have in mind.



We came in at around 2:00 p.m.  The place was comfy and very clean.  It is the usual coffee shop that you can see elsewhere but the only difference was the variety of cat food, toys, etc. which are on display.  What makes it more attractive are designs that’s inspired by Korean and Japanese interiors.






The owners, Erwin Tan (a good friend of mine), Arthur “Uloy” Ong, Jr. and Keseree Ng, have been traveling around the world.  They were used to visiting Cat Cafes abroad and this gave them an idea on what business to engage in.


Arthur “Uloy” Ong, Jr.



They were right about it since this is the first time in Davao City that a Cat Café has been introduced.   Cat lovers are expected to be their usual customers but non-cat lovers do visit this shop.  Why is this so?  They love not only the ambiance but the food being served as well.




They do not have a lot on their menu because they want to maintain the quality of food that customers would always come back for.



Tuna Sandwich











Beef Bolognese











Chicken Alfredo











Nutella Spread










Nutella Spread











“Nothing fancy but we serve it in a traditional way.  We want it to be fresh all the time and we  prefer to have a small variety of food in order not to compromise the quality of our food”, Arthur “Uloy” said.

They serve food like pasta, sandwiches and nachos.  They have refreshing drinks as well aside from their coffee and tea.

I love their pasta especially Alfredo, Bolognese and Mushroom Cream.  No wonder a lot of customers came in and ordered the same.










































We were then brought to the second floor where 23 cats (9 breeds) are roaming around ready to play with customers who will who come in.  Before going up, we have to leave our shoes behind and place them inside a huge shoe rack and put our socks and slippers (are provided for) on.  Bringing of food is not allowed except for drinks.

The cats are adorable and we enjoyed interacting with them.  The place is definitely is a huge space for them to run, relax and enjoy playing.

Purrbox Café caters birthday parties exclusively.  They are open every Tuesdays until Sundays, from 10:30 am up to 10:00 pm.

Visit Purbox Café Supplies and Accessories Co. is currently located at J.P. Laurel Avenue, Beside Nissan Car Showroom.



















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