Relaunching/Blessing of GYMBOREE : Play and Music Davao – helps young children develop creativity, confidence and friendship

As a mother of two children, I wanted to have a great impact on their educational achievement and give them a good future.  That has been part of my dream and I have been working on it until now.  It is never ending.  I bet all mothers feel the same way I do.

I believe that sending them to school will help my children learn things, develop perspectives and ideals about life. As they all say, “knowledge is power” and having knowledge will help them distinguish what’s right or wrong. Thus, it is very important to choose the right school for your child’s foundation on his education. This is a challenging role for parent’s now most especially mommies like me who wanted only the best for our children.

Having said that, I am grateful to my parents for sending me to a very good school where I was shaped into what I am now. I was able to apply the practical life skills I learned from this school.

Based on my experience back in high school, I was after the academic performance so I became a very studious person then and I identified myself as a “nerd” student. My parents taught me to be competitive and they expected good grades all the time. Because of this, I applied it to my first child. This is the reason why I was pretty strict with looking after my eldest daughter’s grades in school. That’s why she probably excelled in all her subjects. It is not always a positive effect though because there are also downside effects to it.

Now, my question is, do you want your child to explore and discover things for himself in a less structured learning environment? Can they learn by doing so? Or can he or she adjust easily or fit in when enrolled in a conventional classroom?

You will probably observe that a lot of children are being sent to school as early as 6 months old or when they have just started to walk and talk. It is true that some children are pressured academically in school but the concept of a playschool does not have any relation to this.

Give your child the best head start in life today!

Enroll her to a Preschool Program at GYMBOREE Play & Music. With over 40 years of experience, Gymboree’s programs are designed by child-development experts to develop an interest in learning, creativity and confidence in children ages 0-5.


Gymboree Play & Music is the global leader in classes for kids from 0 to 60 months old. They will give you the tools your child needs to become confident, happy and prepared for whatever comes next.

Today, February 16, 2018, in time for the Chinese New Year, the couple owner, Mr. Denver and Mrs. Daisy So,  relaunched and had their blessing of  their recently renovated Gymboree Play and Music Preschool Davao located at G/F, Alpha Bldg., Lanang Business Park, J.P. Laurel.






Gymboree PreSchool is equipped with world class teaching equipment as its curriculum includes both independent and group learning activities to promote the important personal, social and beginning academic skills of READING, WRITING, SCIENCE AND MATH.


They have core classes being offered:

PLAY & LEARN (ages 0-36 months) – encourage development through play and learning with multi-level program designed to support a child’s growth at his or her own individual pace.
MUSIC (ages 6-60 months) – enhance your child’s development and love of music through song, dance, movement games, and instruments.

ART (ages 18-60 months) – inspire a child’s imagination and self-expression with a world of hands-on art activities.

SPORTS (ages 36-60 months) – encourage healthy habits and a positive attitude toward exercise through fun and physical sports play.
















Mrs. Daisy So, owner of Gymboree Play & Music Davao, tells us how important it is for them to inspire a child’s learning through a holistic and nurturing approach as they made sure that each class with a small student-to-teacher ratio will be filled with activities that develop cooperation, perseverance and self-awareness. They want to give the child a solid foundation for future learning environments. Infact, they have a huge and very safe playfloor area where children can enjoy GymPlay – no structured class, just fun and open playtime.

Teacher Paul says, ” Gymboree Play & Music will enhance a child’s development from love of music, physical sports play, science exploration to art activities we incorporated in our programs.  That’s what makes us unique.”

They also offer free coffee for the mothers or guardians who are waiting for their children outside the “waiting area” with television to entertain them so they won’t get bored.


Gymplay area


The most interesting part that the owner shared to me was the kind of set-up they do with their playroom. They arranged it according to the class structure or activity since the equipments can be reassembled easily. You can be assured that your children are safe because aside from the soft flooring, their swing sets and slides are age appropriate equipment’s of very good quality. The area is also very colorful not only to attract children but for easy identification as they each have their favorite colors.

Once you enrolled your child, she/he is entitled to enjoy the benefits: Preschool Uniform, Preschool Yearbook, Preschool Field Trip and Wlaking Trip, Unlimited Gymplay. They can also experience the fun and excitement of their Gymboree themed parties and special events like Nutrition Month Celebration, Buwan ng Wika, United Nations Program, Pumpkin Patch Party, Christmas Party, Friendship Day and a lot more.


The best gift you can give to your child is to prepare him/her to face the world and become independent as they improve interpersonal skills and better vocabulary.

Hurry and Do not miss this opportunity for your child! Reserve them by paying a fee of  P10,000.00.

Pre-Kinder ( 4 years old) classes are scheduled from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 am to 12 noon.

Nursery 1 (2 years old) and Nursery 2 (3 years old) classes are scheduled from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 am to 11:30 am.

For more inquiries, call now at (082) 321-0910 or 0925-679-6888/



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