A surprise celebration for the most beautiful person inside and out – Jojie Alcantara’s birthday!

Being the youngest in the family, I feel so lucky because they are so overprotective of me.  My parents are strict but very loving ones.  They provided our needs and sent us to a good school.  I have one older sister whom I look to in every way but believe me when we were still young, we normally fight just like the others.

There are days when I feel like she is the most amazing person I have ever known but there are other days when I just can’t stand her.

But as we grew older, it is different.  We always give time to see each other and talk about so many things which I can only share secretly to her.  Our relationship really changed in many ways.  But I realized that this is one of the most important relationships I should cherish and take care of.

Do you also have an older sister whom you call your “Ate”?



I am grateful to have one and her name is Jojie Alcantara.  She is the most amazing gift God gave me.  She will always be connected to me for the rest of my life especially all the memories we had shared throughout the years.

Now that we are both mature and have our own kids, we share a lot in common than before.  We can hang out very often and seek each other’s advice.  She is a positive person and I get my inspiring lessons from her.

She has a lot of friends who loved her personality and respected her both as a lifestyle journalist and photographer for so many years.  Yet she stayed humble and true.


This is why she deserves a surprise birthday treat from us.  Last January 10, 2018, we celebrated her birthday at Mia Figlia Pasta, located at Mabini Corner Mariner Streets.  This was highly recommended by our dear friend, Joyce Mariscal whom is very close to me and my sister.




Joyce Mariscal and Joel Bagas had a wonderful surprise for her as they planned to decorate the place with colorful balloons and made it exclusive.  However, the funny thing was it became the other way around; the birthday celebrant came before they could finish it and that really surprised them too.


We invited few dear friends and had a taste of the healthy and delicious food prepared by the lovely couple who owned the place.  There were great selections of different pasta and homemade sauces.

Selection of Pasta with their homemade sauces
Penne alla Puttanesca








Penne alla Carbonara









Apple Pie


Lulen’s lechon
Mango cake









Spicy Chocolate Moist Cake

Very grateful to Chiqui Aportadera for bringing her famous “Lulen’s lechon” that became popular in Davao not to mention the delicious Moist cake from Cake Galerie heartily made by Charisse Canave and Mango Cake from Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodio as birthday gifts to Jojie.




The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Langsdorf, warmly welcomed us and we easily felt at home talking to them.  The place was private and cozy one where we chat and had fun while eating all those food worth sharing.





Mia Figlia Pasta, also known in Italian as “My Daughter’s Pasta” , offers French-style rotisserie chicken with roast potatoes basted in French herbs.

French style Roast Chicken and Potatoes

The simple celebration was worth it as it showed on her face that she truly enjoyed the night with us!


I could not even imagine what my life would be if I was an only child or the eldest in the family perhaps.  Life will never be the same for me as she has always been my shoulder to cry on.  It might be difficult if I will learn it on my own.  She taught me the value of perseverance and self-confidence.

My passion as a writer would not have been possible if not for her words of encouragement because she believed in me. That’s why I am here and writing my own blogs.

I know she will always be there for me and that’s why I don’t want to miss her birthday even if I have to cancel all my plans because I love this person dearly.

So if you guys want to have an intimate gathering for family and friends, visit Mia Figlia Pasta.  For dine-in or take-out, you can call 0908-986-7562 or 0956-528-2507.

Email them also at miafigliapasta@gmail.com

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