Femme – a stylish women’s boutique in Abreeza Mall, Davao City

Women love to shop for dresses that fit them well to make them look more attractive as possible. That’s a woman’s drive.  Expensive or not, this would not matter as long as she knows how to carry herself when she wears that dress.

Who wouldn’t like to look absolutely stunning in whatever dress she is wearing?  A woman who loves clothes can combine dresses in the most fashionable way.  It ‘s like she came out from a fashion magazine.  That’s how it works!

Now, Dabawenyas hear me out! A fashionable boutique that offers luxurious, elegant, high end dresses is here in Davao.  Where? It is currently located on the 3rd floor level of Abreeza Mall.

Femme is owned by lovely and business minded couple who are both from Davao City.  They love to travel and since then they discovered the perfect place to buy clothes for their business.

The wife, at a young age, loves to collect dresses and she is a wide reader of Cosmopolitan Magazine and other fashion magazines.  She wears clothes and chooses them well.  She recalled that when she was still single, a simple dress would have a radiant effect on her once she wears them.  Yes, she can wear them with finesse and confidence.

Because the owner’s (wife) dream was to have a boutique of her own, she was able to have it with the support of her husband who believed she can manage this kind of business successfully.  So when they became the rightful owners of Femme, they knew that they can bring beauty and fashion to the lives of women especially in Davao City.

The couple personally managed the shop and they usually travel to Thailand for a business trip where they buy the best clothes they can find.  Thus, you can be assured that the quality is good and designs are always up to date.  What’s more convenient is when you shop at Femme, they are knowledgeable about fabrics, trends and proper fits for various body types.























Femme is currently located at the 3rd floor level of Abreeza Mall.  The beautiful clothes they sell like ball skirts, cocktail dresses, “something borrowed” dresses and more have definitely all sizes available. The mannequins on display showcase the different type of dresses you will love to wear.  When you visit the shop, a warm and friendly owner will be there to assist you.  She always wants what is best for the customers and is willing to give advice to help the customer choose wisely.


When I asked the owners how they foresee Femme five years from now, they answered me with genuine smiles and told me  they envisioned it to be the best boutique in town and will continue to shop for best quality dresses that they can bring proudly to Davao City.  To make it more convenient to customers, they not only accept cash payments but they also accept all major credit cards.

When you get a chance to visit Abreeza, feel free to drop by Femme and let the helpful owner and her friendly staff assist you.  Who knows? You might find the dress you can wear perfectly for your party needs especially this Christmas season.


If you were to ask me, I believe that this “power couple” (owners) will stay in the industry for a long period of time because they both love what they do and strive to maintain as a trendy boutique selling elegant and unique clothes that you can’t find anywhere else in Davao.

Like Femme on facebook @elitemom71 and know more about it.





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