Malagos Garden Resort’s Halloween event – “Mga Handuraw sa Baul 2017”

I rarely go to Halloween events every year because I am not personally a fan of horror movies and I dislike wearing Halloween costumes too.  Since I was young, my friends would love to tease me about it because they know how scared I was.

Well, this time I changed my mind. Surprisingly when I got invited to the Halloween event of Malagos Garden Resort, I did not say “No”.   First of all, I love the place.  I love the nature surrounding it.  A nature lover like me couldn’t resist going to a place like this.

Malagos Garden Resort is a 12-hectare paradise located in Barangay Malagos, Baguio District.  So it is approximately 32 km. away from downtown proper.

It was a rainy evening that Saturday, October 28, 2017,  but it didn’t stop me and my fellow bloggers from going there because we were all excited to witness the event and feel the Halloween atmosphere around the place.  Malagos Garden Resort had been celebrating Halloween annually to showcase what they have to offer. Thus, this was another special event that they had prepared specially for everyone.

When we finally got there, the event was more than what I had expected.  It had a food fair situated inside the huge white tents at the center of the garden.  You can choose from the different stalls on each side that will never leave you hungry or thirsty.




We hopped on from one stall to another and stayed longer at this stall which  sells dessert.  They have different flavors of cupcakes and the one that caught my attention was this finger shaped chocolate filled biscuit which I picked eagerly.  It was just pleasing to my eyes just by looking at it since it really fits the Halloween theme.



That night, there was an Indie music fest “Listen Lokal” and we were seated at a long table chillin out while watching the band performers on stage singing famous local music that young generation are so crazy about.  There were performers from CRWN, She’s only sixteen, Clara Benin, BP Valenzuela, Jensen and the flips, Anne Mendoza and RJ Manulid.  A special performance also from DJ Rostum Sinfuego to keep the music lively all throughout the night.



























Handuraw also presented the different contestants who participated during their “Dress to kill” Costume contest. They were wearing their common and scariest costumes that kept the audience shouting as they appeared one by one.




The scariest and memorable part of the night was the decision to go inside their most talked about Horror House. This is the highlight of the Halloween event. It was all so sudden when my group was being encouraged or rather challenged by the manager and marketing officer to test if we can surpass the scary moments and courageously finish until the exit of the horror house.


As far as I can remember, the last time I had an experience going inside a horror house was way back in high school.  It was just a bit scary though because of a  quick ride as we were comfortably seated inside a small train when going inside.


Guess what happened to our horror house experience? We did surpass the challenge but were not easy as it seemed.  We were shouting inside and there was someone from our group who had her hair being pulled strongly and continuously because she can hardly move due to nervousness. She even kept yelling inside that she has a heart problem and that was true. There were funny moments but nevertheless most of us got goosebumps and felt scared all the way until we were able to get out of the horror house victoriously.

If you were to ask me, I think two of the scariest part of our “trip to the horror house challenge”, as I termed it, was the presence of a woman dressed in white sitting in a dining table while her back was facing us. I had that part still in my head until now because it scared the hell out of me.  Another thing was the presence of the coffin.  As we slowly got near to it, a long hand with a trace of blood (am not so sure now) suddenly appeared out of nowhere.   It can give you a heart attack, can’t it?


I really had a great time and it served me well for making the right decision to join the “Handuraw sa Baul 2017” Halloween event of Malagos Garden Resort.  This was another successful year for them. Congratulations!!!

Malagos Garden Resort has a lot to offer and make your bucketlist of activities once you visit with your friends and loved ones such as:

  • the all-time favorite birdshow of Dr. Bo.
  • Try their skate park
  • Get up close with the birds at the Birds Feeding Dome.
  • Relax and listen to the top music hits at their music lounge.
  • Spend an edutaining afternoon at the powerplay.
  • Take a stroll to their butterfly dome.
  • Be educated when you visit their Malagos Chocolate Museum.
  • Visit their Petting Zoo.
  • Get a chance to see a rare bird specie at the Treeline Birdwatching Deck
  • Unleash your adventurous spirit at their Skywalker.

They also offer room accommodations if you want to stay and have a feel of nature where you can find comfort, joy and relaxation all in one.  They have four types of rooms: Family Suite, Deluxe Room, Honeymoon Suite and Executive Room.

Visit them on facebook or at their website





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