S&R New York Style Pizza at SM City Davao is now open

Many people love to go to malls because they are common destinations for recreation and shopping.  It is the best time to be with loved ones while having a great time exploring the different stores and restaurants providing good service to customers.

I am sure you are one of them!

SM City Davao is a great mall to visit once you set foot in our City. This mall has great things to offer to their avid shoppers.  But here’s more! Dabawenyos will really be happy to know about this too…23158233_10155977180221564_998802947_o.jpg



What is this good news? S& R has newly opened its branch at SM City Davao. After a day’s shopping, you can take your family there and have a taste of their different pizza flavors.  They have huge size pizza which is more than enough for your family and friends to share with. They also served other delicious food that will keep you coming back for more like Fried Chicken, Pepperoni Calzone, Chicken Caesar salad, Pure Beef hotdog, Beef baked roll, French fries and a lot more.








I am a pizza lover. My favorite pizza toppings served at S & R are namely: Garlic Shrimp Pizza, Pizza Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza. I also like their very tasty Cinnamon Churros. Thus, when this became available for the first time, I did not miss the opportunity to order it right away.


S&R had always been true to their genuine and loyal service to their customers. They want to deliver value to member-customers by providing quality service plus maintain the variety of good food that customers love to eat.  The effective and efficient system applied by their staff brought many loyal customers everyday.



The person behind the success of this newly opened business, S&R New York Style Pizza, is Ms. Cherry Maning, a young and pretty entrepreneur, along with her GCF team and the full support of SM associates who made this come true.



23134757_10155977295746564_1802592746_o (1).jpg

Congratulations to Ms. Cherry for this new business venture and now on its second branch in Davao City.  Her goal is to open more branches nationwide. I believe that dream will come true!


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